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    Number 1, use jellen on every boss especially olga Number 2, use striker mag and asteron striker on a Cast, to do 0 damage and dmc everything Number 3, use /npc 6 (flowen skin) as fomarl or fonewearl Number 4, spam constant dmg techs as a force ( see number 2 for reference) Number 5, If you see a hunter with low health, make sure to heal them Number 6, Run out in front of everyone, especially if you dont know the area, and hit every button you see Number 7, Be unnecessarily aggressive and whine every chance you get (#Razfeldt4thchancefreedom) Number 8, Start a run with 3 other people, then go take a shower or cook supper and come back to free loot Number 9 (Provided to you by Rockettots) Leave a trail of meseta everywhere you go so you dont get lost Number 10 (provided to you by Rockettots) Hit every laser fence possible Number 11 (Provided by jezbuz) apon entering a room demand in all caps TTF GO GO GO if i missed any other fun stuff feel free to add
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    All points are very important, but number 3 is the most important of all. I want to add a point: Number 9 - Always greet your teammates when entering in a random room with a "GO TTF VIADO" even if it's not a TTF game (greets to my boi Gadita). There's no other way
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    I like tripping all the laser fences in CCA, especially when HU's are zerking. I also like to ask for PIEP right when entering the room, even though the quest just started. Don't forget about using Divine Punishment to make sure you dmc all enemies at once. Also yelling at the FO for S/D after 1 second of buffs running out. Pro Tip: leave a trail of meseta while you quest so you can easily find your way back out.
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    I already knew a lot about that big gun. I still thank you very much for telling me about it anyway. And of course I hope to get the object to make me that big gun. n.n
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    Soly said 83 PGF dropped this year, i was lucky enough to get 2 of them
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    You only need to grind the weapon you're equipping. Very important to note that the weapon you're making will have the attributes and hit of the weapon equipped. So if your Master Raven has 20 native and your Last Swan has 30 machine and you equip the last swan, your dual bird will have 30 machine. Make sure also that the character you fuse the weapons with is a hunter or ranger and has at least 209 ATA (including slot units and MAGs).
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    If you have Unsealed Door still unlocked, you can also change enemy parts there by talking to Montague after clearing Doc's Secret Plan. If both Dr Osto's research and Unsealed Door are greyed out, you'll have to beat all the offline quests in Episode 1 to unlock them again or you can try with another character. Every time you beat an offline quest in Episode 1, it becomes unavailable. You can't beat the same offline quest again until you beat all of them. Also note that you actually don't need to beat Dr Osto's Research or Unsealed Door to change the enemy parts, so next time just /lobby after changing them.
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    Hello i was change my profile picture
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    I hope my luck stays like this
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    3º PGF. Storm God
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    you had a welcome, now you have a see you soon It was a pleasure having you in ultima, and it will be a pleasure to see your return one day. Good luck have good drops in life.
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    Working on the next drawing!
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    Force Newman, PSO2 style! Hyped to finally see PSO2 on NA too :'')
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    Another quick sketch, still thinking on what to do for Summer event-
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    Srank zalure launcher is best for ranger doesnt miss gal griff during swoop
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    Finally updating this fanart post with the banner for the Triforce event! Hope y'all like it! I'm probably going to accept requests and open a Patreon soon, so I'll be doing my best to improve!
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