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  1. RIANOV 303SNR-3 -- ULT -- EP1 -- REDRIA -- GRAN SORCERER **pew pew pew**
  2. May need to get these ordered XD
  3. Gotcha... thanks for the info. I hate to add any dynamics to the update but we definitely appreciate it!! Cheers.
  4. Sooo...my team is essentially composed of my cousins and brothers (we all grew up on this game). We have local PSO parties all the time on the same IP address... Would we be at risk for being flagged? Because one time we got flagged on the forums for having multiple accounts logged on one IP but it was actually each of us on our own laptops, playing together. It was appealed... but still, just thought I'd inquire about this concern. @Kanue @shopes @lambda_delta
  5. -The event items drop from various beasts & bosses, depending on your section I.D. and difficulty (It's up to us to figure out who gets what, from whom.) -St. Rappies drop Christmas Presents on VR Temple, which may contain one of the listed items -Olga Flow will have a chance to drop Parasitic Gene "Flow" on Ultimate difficulty, historically on any section ID This thread is a community-assembled drop list, and will update as people contribute their findings. credit: @TheIronSheik Happy hunting!!
  6. May the Flow bequeath you...
  7. I agree that SQ needs some love. Perhaps an event utility item can make a snow queen have higher built-in ATA, or combo unlock? As for now, FS is king...
  8. Be the “elitist” who wastes hours in the lobby but cries over seconds of TTF/RT imperfection.
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