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  1. -The event items drop from various beasts & bosses, depending on your section I.D. and difficulty (It's up to us to figure out who gets what, from whom.) -St. Rappies drop Christmas Presents on VR Temple, which may contain one of the listed items -Olga Flow will have a chance to drop Parasitic Gene "Flow" on Ultimate difficulty, historically on any section ID This thread is a community-assembled drop list, and will update as people contribute their findings. credit: @TheIronSheik Happy hunting!!
  2. May the Flow bequeath you...
  3. I agree that SQ needs some love. Perhaps an event utility item can make a snow queen have higher built-in ATA, or combo unlock? As for now, FS is king...
  4. Be the “elitist” who wastes hours in the lobby but cries over seconds of TTF/RT imperfection.
  5. Amitie Memo - Claw, Ep1 - Ultimate - Whitill
  6. Blue Merge - Govulmer (ep1), Withill - ULT
  7. Sonic Knuckle - Sinow Zoa, Witil - ULT
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