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  1. for sure, well I might try and get u one anyways lol. Nothing wrong with bringing some fresh CR's with hit into currency. I'll reach out if I have success 🤙
  2. Man, I am so sorry... I checked all my characters and couldn't find it. How 'bout this, I'll hope on my greenil ranger and we can farm one together today. I should be free to play from 2pm-6pm (Pacific) Green names are up so shouldn't take long.
  3. B> x3 Halo Rappy Soul @ 5 PD each :)

  4. Peace on Ragol, and Merissa AA mild... 🎵

  5. I'll check for you this evening and PM you i believe I still have it! But let me double check.
  6. You got it my friend! I can get on this weekend, I'll get back to you
  7. ADDED: *Rambling May (0/0/0/40|45) ~ 15 DT *Angel Harp (0/0/0/45|40) ~ 10 PD *Meteor Cudgel (0/0/0/15|50) ~ 8 PD *Red Ring (min) ~ 56 PD or 7 DT *Proof of Sonic Team ~ 5 DT or 40 PD
  8. On a walk with the wifey. You gonna be on in about am hour? Cheers.
  9. @R-78 congrats! Sorry for all you sleepers out there 🤣
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