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    I have the list if u need it
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    Alright so this game has a lot of balance issues between how powerful some of the weapons are vs some of the other weapons. I've played on this server for a while, and I've also played on other servers as well. I've been playing the game since dreamcast. There is even in-balancement with the specials on weapons. For example the only weapon specials worth using are berserk, charge, spirit (not even), hell, and demons. I mean 99% of the people can probably agree with me on that. But how about Tempest, and Burning? Games get boring if there is no variety, and if you could implement a way in which you can change the damage on those specials for weapons that would be interesting. People might argue with me saying they would be "useless" anyways but thats not true. You can use those weapons for enemies weak against fire, or lightening. They would be situational nonetheless however and people might say they'd rather use Dark Flow, Tsukimiri J Sword, Excal, etc. What if the specials were made to do damage competing with those weapons. They wouldn't be used all the time since every enemy has a different resistance. Other people might argue well those specials would be doing more than my Rafoie, or Razonde on my force. But.. that's not true, you can't spam burning and tempest specials on weapons. A force can constantly spam techniques until their tp runs out. You can't really miss using spells on a force, while you can miss on a weapons special. Therefore burning and tempest is actually useful and beneficial but situational. I've had a talk with a couple people about other in-balancement issues on this game but I thought it would be important that people might be able to actually make use of some of the other specials that you can't normally use since they suck anyways. I mean who uses burning, and tempest? The answer is nobody. So why not improve something that sucks to begin with. I can go on for lists of things that need nerfs, and buffs on Ultima's PSO1. Like serious improvements.
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    leave that blank comet, i gave one with hit, that vise im not sure if i have any
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    Viridia ULT Dark Falz - DF Shield Viridia ULT Barba Ray - Crazy Tune Viridia ULT Gol Dragon - Earth Wand: Brownie Viridia ULT Gal Gryphon - Tablet Viridia ULT Dragon - Sonic Knuckle Viridia ULT Vol Opt - Asteron Belt Bluefull ULT Barba Ray - Crazy Tune Bluefull ULT Gol Dragon - Earth Wand: Brownie Bluefull ULT Gal Gryphon - Tablet Oran VH Shambertin - Toy Hammer Redria ULT Shambertin - Valkyrie Redria ULT Kondrieu - Girasole Pinkal VH Dark Falz - Daisy Chain Pinkal VH Saint Million - Rambling May Pinkal ULT Vol Opt - Asteron Belt Purplenum VH Vol Opt - Yellow Merge Purplenum ULT De Rol - Honeycomb Reflector Purplenum VH Shambertin - Tension Blaster Redria ULT Gal Gryphon - Tablet Whitill ULT Gal Gryphon - Tablet Oran ULT Gol Dragon - Earth Wand Brownie Purplenum VH Dark Falz - Daisy Chain Oran ULT Barba Ray - L&K38 Combat Oran ULT Gol Dragon - Earth Wand Brownie Oran ULT Gal Gryphon - Tablet Whitill ULT Sil Dragon - Sonic Knuckle Whitill VH Barba Ray - Amite's Memo Whitill VH Dragon - Syringe Whitill VH Dark Falz - Daity Chain Yellowboze VH Dragon - Green Ring Yellowboze VH Sil Dragon - Sonic Knuckle Whitill ULT Barba Ray - L&K38 Combat Oran ULT Olga Flow - Parasitic Gene Flow It may change not 100% share to give a ideal what drops whor for the ids
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    You got that right pal, i really liked too that in PSOBB you can bring along alot of weapons, making the game fun evne when the enemies are still the same, you don't use the same weapon all the time, hell i remember some hunter i used to play with carrying 30 items, while some weapons are situational, you still have to switch weapons and thus making the game to me, more enjoyable. As for those weapons i only see one Knuckle being useful, katanas are pretty bad not only nobody hunts them they have nothing really good, Katanas were supposed to be large weapons why not make them hit 3 enemies, Yamigarasu has hell (i don't remember if it is indeed hell, been a long time since i last played) and having a faster animation for those weapons would actually work, just take a look at Thirteen, it boost DoB ATA, making it a slightly useful armour, Twin Swords would be cool to have them hit 2 enemies, i mean you have 2 weapons one in each hand, there's no point in making Jizai if you can deal much more damage with an excal and having a faster attack animation. I support all those ideas about making certain weapons have something unique to them and making them usable (how ironic since i already announced my retirement more than a month ago lol)
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    I've been here for only a month so don't know much about ultima but for me what makes PSO1 great is a variety of weapons and switching them according to enemy types and arrangements. If I can be decent by using DM 99% of the game then I don't want it. It'll kill all the fun in the end and make me leave. I just hope that neglected weapon types(katana, knuckles, claws, twin swords etc) have some buff here like boosted attack speed or range because I love their animations.
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    I actually love my guld milla. It's been my favorite weapon in the game since I played on gamecube and could only dream because of that 1/172,000 drop from tallow xD. I use them because the unreduced gush is actually great and works well on my racast. Plus, they are imo the coolest looking mechs so I got no complaints . Your point about the tempest and burning are very valid and I will support you in your endeavors!
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    Funny you didn't mention blizzard, as it's probably right up there with arrest(not mentioned either) in "stopping" monsters in their tracks. Granted, Sega could have done a bit better job balancing the gear and play in the game, but considering other MMORPGs I've played, it's not that bad. Yea, so a few specials "suck", granted they are very situational for their use, namely against certain monsters who are weak to foie and zonde. One way to fix the foie attacks like burning is to somehow create a temporary burning "attack" adding more damage or just use a gifoie attack to spread across the area with it's damage from point of impact. For tempest, you could increase the chance of shock or make it like a gizonde attack that chains across nearby targets. That way it could be an alternative to arrest, the Anti-Android Rifle is a great example of a weapon that could be improved in this manner. There are ways to improve such specials, but honestly only someone with command of the game's code could truly figure out an acceptable way to address the issues. So honestly, what do I know, I'm just a dumb gunman. XD
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    I'd like to address a glaring flaw in your thought behind the dark weapons in general. Within the vanilla game the order to which the dark weapons are placed goes as follows (ATP wise): Dark Flow Dark Bridge Dark Meteor The Dark Bridge, within the vanilla game, has more ATP than Dark Meteor, which is meant for attacking. That's just wrong. Thank god the admin's realized this and buffed the weapon because there was no way that DM would be used if DB was stronger than it ATP wise. I don't think a nerf is in the requirement section on this game. The admin purposefully made the game to where they were the BEST of the BEST items you can find within the game. It's like arguing that STA is overpowered and needs a nerf when it's just fine where it is. The reason is because things like PGF and STA aren't always around for you to just pick up. They're only there at specific times for specific ID's. That's it. If we could acquire STA and PGF at any given point in the year for a lot of ID's, I can see where people would think the nerf would be justified, but then again I don't think STA or any of the dark items would be that powerful if we could get it that often anyways. I do like your idea of increasing damage on the elemental effects of the specials to further match weapons that have zerk or spirit or demons/hell. I like that idea. Make weapons where we know that if we're in an area where enemies are weak to thunder we can use the weapon that has Tempest on it and it'll deal significant damage. I like that idea, but it has to be fine tuned. It can't run rampant where HUcasts are using swords with spells on them and hitting 2k with Tempest effects. There's a certain thing I'd like to see developed for the better development of the RA class as a whole, but that's a topic for another time.
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    On the Gamecube version I was freezing everything in episode 2 no problem with a 25 hit Snow Queen. You have to take into account the fact that the Snow Queen can hit one target up to 2 times with each shot.
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    DM is buffed on schthack and Eden, Genocide added a buff to them as well. I also had a DM on Crystal Argo where they buffed it as well. it's really not as powerful as you say. But I don't play with anybody that has a DF except Shoutgu. He's the only person I've seen play with a DF so far, and BK-201 is the only guy I've ever played with that had a DM and used it, but we were in vhard so it wasn't much of a showcase in all honesty. I have to tell you, from the outside it may seem like the weapons are too strong, but on the inside, they're really not that OP. If you actually have one, take a look at how much you're actually hitting with the weapon, take notes. You're not hitting much more than what a TJS hits... And hell, TJS special hits harder than DF special at all stages of the game anyways (inb4 TJS nerf complaints). You can't donate for PGF or any of the dark weapons anymore anyways, so you gotta hunt for it. But regardless of all of this, I'm more than willing to bet that you yourself use an excal in every day hunts and if you had a DF or DM you'd be using it. Usually people that scream for nerfs are people that act like they don't use the weapons, when in reality a lot of them use them a lot and enjoy using them. If you nerf weapons too hard you put them out of commission and therefore you don't hit hard enough, and that's 1 event item that's not going to be hunted for because it's not worth the time it takes to hunt. If DM gets reverted back to it's original state, it becomes worthless in most scenarios aside from a couple pin point specific situations where it's special can shine; other than that, DM will be worthless. DF I don't even think got buffed, it's basically stayed the same iirc so there's no point in even saying it's OP because it's the exact same way it was in the vanilla game. Hell if you look at DF and excal, they have the same ATP value, but excal hits harder because of zerk. So excal is a stronger weapon than DF at it's vanilla state inherently. But as I mentioned, the excal is made to be THE saber weapon. Best of it's class in the game. edit: You also made quite a big assumption or guess on the percentage of players that I play with. As I stated, I've only played with 2 people with dark weapons. I don't even think Bridge is worth it to be perfectly honest.
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    Alright well you're kind of avoiding the main point by arguing worthless semantics over and over again with me. So I guess this conversation is over, now that I know you're avoiding the main topic. Also, get your stats right, DF has less ATP than that.
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