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  1. Great. Please play with this noob someday. (Though I had 12 characters in schthack. lol)
  2. My Fomarl(Flare, 4th slot) has eaten 77 materials so far (excluding hp materials). All of them was mind materials. And suddenly she can't eat any more mind materials. (see the image below) What's weird is that she can still eat power and def materials. (though she didn't eat them because it screws the mat plan) My GC# is 42144360. please fix this. Thanks.
  3. So I need a Red Ring for making the ultimate melee fo, and it seems way cheaper than I expected but the price seems varied greatly according to the stats. How's RR's stat range on this server? (like DEF 150-200 etc) Thanks.
  4. That Rambling May... I made a pinkal just for it. lol
  5. I've been here for only a month so don't know much about ultima but for me what makes PSO1 great is a variety of weapons and switching them according to enemy types and arrangements. If I can be decent by using DM 99% of the game then I don't want it. It'll kill all the fun in the end and make me leave. I just hope that neglected weapon types(katana, knuckles, claws, twin swords etc) have some buff here like boosted attack speed or range because I love their animations.
  6. Exactly. I put the magical piece to common bank right after I made it. I should have known better... I wil never ever use common bank again lol To think of it, I can do multi-client to transfer items. right? Also Soly, Thanks so much for your quick feedback. However, the magical piece AND 50 pds are in my 4th slot inventory now. (So now I have 52pds in my 4th slot inventory) Actually I used 50pds to make magical piece. So you can deduct that 50pds from my 4th inventory (So 2pds will remain) That 50pds are not mine anyway. Issue solved.
  7. I know. But there's no other way for me to transfer items between characters.
  8. Lutz(my 2nd character) got heart key from gallon's shop, he bought a sceptor from shop, grinded it to max, and used heart key to make magical piece. perfect. and he deposited it to common bank, checked it's there, and I connected again with Flare(My 4th character) and checked common bank. It's gone. That was huge investment for me(I used all of my pds into it) so please give it back. That piece is likely dark 10% and hit 30% but stat does not matter anyway. Thank you very much. Edit : Now sceptor+10 is in the common bank. (It should be Magical Piece), and my 50 pds are all gone.
  9. I've leveled up my fonewm to 140 or so but have not seen any luck material so far. Do luck materials drop or is there any other way to get them? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Ricardo. Also the limiter lost is magically given back to my inventory. Thank you GM!
  11. Also i want to tell that my bank(character) ate the following items : Limiter, def material and gizonde lv20. I just put them into my bank(character) and they are gone. Well losing Limiter kinda hurts. ;_;
  12. 1. Drop chart says that Dolphon Eclair on Bluefull(Ultimate) drops Centurion/Power, but actually it drops heavenly/ability. 2. About /killcount command - step1 : Equip Limiter. - step2 : Use 'autumatic sorting' on item menu - step3 : type /killcount - result : killcount shown is '-32768' - After banking and retrieving it, the killcount gets back to normal. Thanks.
  13. Hello. This is my first post. Is there any way to get Samurai Armor for now? I need that Rabarta boost.
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