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  1. i wasn’t expecting this thanks ! Made my day
  2. 50+ Hit paying in DTs or PDs
  3. Well actually wedding Dress drops from Shambertin - Redria as well
  4. i got a few as well , I need to remember where I got them lol
  5. Whitill - epsilon - Wedding Dress Whitill - Del Lilli - Psycho Wand Whitill del rol le - diska of brave man Whitill - Sil Dragon - Dragons Claw Skyly - Gal gryphon - God Hand
  6. Hucast all the way . It’s funnest fun when you have the right set up/ Gear .
  7. Just like everyone else here , there’s going to be things you don’t like about him . I say let him back on the forums.
  8. Critical hit ratio . not the damage of the Crit but the chances of triggering one .
  9. how come sometimes when i start my game up i have to reconfigure my controller ? sometimes it saves but one out of eleven times it resets
  10. no longer needed . thanks
  11. I’m buying Photon Drops for DTs (Donation Tickets) At a rate of 33 PDs per 5 DTs
  12. Estoy bien triste :””L 

    boohoo 💀

  13. Wayne come back :”L ditch Bethesda 

  14. I’ll trade you that smart link for my King Striker
  15. I’d like your lindcray 40/0/50/0 , and agent K please
  16. The lack of GMs is Underwhelming. Not even ones of opposite time zones . Sigh .

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    2. Lobotomy


      Welp, u have R and Serverus pretty active and they are of very different time zones; try asking them if they got time for a redeem or whatever you need!

    3. Kotta


      I'm sorry, I am too busy to do redeems :onion-head19: 


    4. Yannv


      There is also GM @Lipelisbut he will only do redeems for worthy people.

  17. If I have my log in credentials saved in the launcher so I can log in automatically, is there a way to view the password that’s saved ? For example if I can’t remember the password but it’s saved onto my game and I want to play that account on another pc how can I extract that password from the launcher since I don’t remember it ?
  18. I have bananas , no cannon .
  19. Wants : Dark Meteor with minimum 50’s stats and hit lindcray maxed (set) yasminkov 9000 demon and charge special (80 hit) Psycho Ravens set maxed sonicteam armor DTs ALSO open to offers as well. Message me
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