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  1. trap search - whitill , baranz episode 1
  2. centurion/technique nano dragon redria
  3. The time someone ordered me pizza and desert for some rare gear . Good times on pso lol

    1. Larva


      Aww no one has done that for me :(

  4. Looking for ranged gear that can help me clear quests faster . I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting weapons I’ve never seen before nor heard of so if anyone can make a list of gear they want to offer up , drop it down below 👇. Also I don’t know what most of this new gear does or pros and cons / class qualifications so that information would be much appreciated within the same topic THANKS . EDIT : not looking to buy any weapons for other forms of non Ultima currencies so I won’t be replying to PMs about this topic . If you want to trade for the item specified then please comment your offer on this post . Thanks ..
  5. Stark 1


    i guess its a matter of preference , theres end game gear for FOs that make them good with their techniques and then theirs gear that makes them good with melee attacks too . whats your playstyle ? i wont be able to list gear but it might be helpful for someone else to point you in the right direction
  6. Recuerdo  Los tiempos cuando  ultima tenia juegadoras que se comportaban Como su edad, jente que eran buena onda y ahora consiste de puros VATOS que ni aguantan unas pinches  letras  sin lastimarse  sus panochitas y le  sigen el rollo  Los GMs que mala onda. La neta  es la rason  que no juego este  pinche  juego  que me encanta tanto.  Deben de estar orgullosos sus Padres de ustedes por crear VATOS que lloran por la nada . 😂 

    1. Usagi-chan


      Sobre todo si les das dislikes, eso es una ofensa grave 🤣

    2. Kotta


      Y eso es así, todavía, aquí en Última? :onion-head49:

      Las extrañas veces que veo tales comportamientos en el foro es cuando ciertas personas se desacatan (y al poco tiempo terminan siendo banneados temporal... o permanentemente :onion-head27:


      Digo, no sé si es algo que se da persona o en privado entre grupos :onion-head57:


  7. I for one would absolutely love that but let's be real, it'll drop the production of DTs and funding the server. The only way I see it working is if somehow the DTs rate were higher than the actual cash value itself which good luck with that when you're talking money. I know the guidelines haven't changed in this matter but I'm stating my opinion that I think it's good the way it is now 👽
  8. I miss playing pso  for 6 hours straight 🥲

  9. I miss Ultima... scratch that what I meant to say is I miss Ultima with Friends.... rip.

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    2. killswitch


      it get lonely here..lol

    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Same. That's partially why I don't play anymore.

    4. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      Y’all gotta T E A M Z bro. For people who’ve already done traditional PSO to its fullest extent it’s one of the few ways to still truly enjoy the game. 

  10. Anyone play PSO2 on Xbox ? (North America)

    1. mudkipzjm


      I'm probably gonna be playing it on Win 10, same servers I think.

  11. when conservatives bring politics into everything ....
  12. That fat return though 🥳

  13. Just use a dark flow on fonewm with no mag .
  14. Hit IS highly recommended/essential even at maxed ata. No ones going to play ep 1 forever and anywhere beyond ep 1 you will need more ata for your weapons. Triple attribute dark weapons are no good beyond ep 1 .
  15. Story mode quests yes but not gov quests . If I remember correctly
  16. Ooooooh shiiiiit you’re the guy that joined my pgf room the other day and literally started complaining for no reason about how this game isn’t fair lmfao 😂😂😂😂
  17. That’s because the gov quests are not in single player mode
  18. “Zelda Magazine” Greenill - dorphon eclair - ult
  19. happy birthday @Colt :onion-head41:

    1. Colt


      Many thanks! Here's hoping for more!

  20. I have the cutest baby ever 😙🥰

  21. S > Slicer of vengeance 100 dark 80 hit

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