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Ideas to improve the server - feel free to post!

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Maybe instead of Olga dropping pgf we could do cmode and earn x amount of  "tickets" which can be traded for certain items including pgf and only have it for the event?

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@ink since you were asking for a response on it I guess I'll bite...

Mass bank wipe would decimate what remains of this server.  This is a game where folk grind for years to build up collections of stuff.  Hell, the reason why most folk commit to a single server rather than playing on multiple is usually "I have so much gear here I don't want to start over"

The nearest comparison I can think of is Ephineas permadeath mode but even that's a choice for individual players and separate from the rest of the game.  Personally, if I was told that I would have to forfeit the majority of my gear I'd be peacing out back to Destiny.

Also regarding Cmode - I've dabbled a bit with it but tbh there are a few questlines in the game that require a stupid amount of teamwork/effort compared to say - running a single TTF with a party of randoms. 


Beach Laughter was my jam when it was fully unlocked years ago but I'd say it was only really a handful of folk that really wanted to do it.  I think I did one run with TripleR and every other was solo.  The fact is that not everyone wants to commit to the harder parts of PSO... and that's fine.

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15 hours ago, ink said:

But like i have also said mass bank wipes only keep your 30 item inventory reset the playing field i see no one has quoted that yet !


I mean, it's probably because it's a terrible idea.


If it happened right now, I'd lose my only Cent/Battle. Only got the one, so it goes in my bank for when I decide whether to play my HU or my RA. They don't drop again until... Easter? Summer? Either way, I'm going to have to buy one from someone. And I can imagine prices will shoot up, seeing as the only ones remaining will be ones people have equipped.


I'd lose about 6-7 photon spheres. These are saved up from previous events and from doing a chunk of woi this Christmas. As a mid-level player, this would put me significantly further behind people who have their weapons maxed already.


I'd lose an almost maxed Psycho Raven. 50 hit Yas9k would go. Outlaw Star, 100 A. Beast Bomb Chu, Wedding Dress, Sealed J-Sword, a couple of maxed out mags, a ton of level 30 disks, grinders, mats, body parts, Stellar Shards, POSTs, PBCs, NYCs, and whatever Weapons Crystal Badges are. And that's just off the top of my head.


Would I continue to play after losing all of that? No. I can guarantee I'd quit. But let's say that I do stick around. I'm not going to be helping newbies any more - I don't have any low level stuff to give them. I'm going to be focusing on myself. Prices are going to go up, because older players tend to have a lot of DTs stockpiled, whilst newer players don't - are you going to pay 50+ DTs for a Cent/Battle? 70+?


Apart from anything, we've seen this happen. Pretty sure it was SCHTHACK that managed to wipe its database a few years back, resulting in the unrecoverable loss of literally everyone's characters and gear. About 80% of their player base left and formed Ephinea, fracturing the tiny playerbase even more. I find it staggering that anyone stayed, personally - if someone is so irresponsible that they don't have backups, why would you trust them a second time when they've already let you down the first.


I imagine you'd get the same mass exodus here - whether to other servers or other games, people wouldn't stick around. And you wouldn't get newbies coming to a dead server.

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Now that Christmas and anniversary event are over I want to revisit DAR and multi-logging, mainly because the last two events put these issues on full display to anyone who participated in the STA or PGF hunts. 


I'll start with my own personal experience in Christmas event.  I killed a total of 270 HH  olgas and didn't get a pgf to drop. I'm not bitter about that, I understood this was a possibility when the event started. I still had fun playing the event and the challenge of getting the hardest event drop in the game. What does bother me is knowing that I *could* have got the drop if I multi-logged like several other players did. Not only that, I would have gotten multiple PGFs. 


In my runs there were 5 other people that did get a PGF. There are a couple reasons I bring this up. #1. This is conceivably how many PGFs I could have ended the event with had I ran Seabed solo with multiple accounts. Now as much as I like a challenge, I like having 5 PGFs more. So the lesson any rational player would take away after their first Christmas event (especially if they didn't get the drop) is that their time is much better spent multi-logging Seabed solo than running open rooms for whatever random in the lobby wants to join. And if this is the take away for those who have participated in this event, and what players will do after their first year, then any concerns about how changing the DAR "crashing the economy of ultima" are silly. Because the players that really want a pgf can get a complete set in one event and all they need to do it level a character to ult on 4 accounts. And this is what many players did 


And #2. Many of the players that joined my runs either didn't have the gear for Seabed or didn't know the maps, or both. It's fair to say that these players probably would not have gotten a PGF if I was not there to guide them through seabed. So what are these players to do if I (and the rest of the veteran players who know that it's completely idiotic to try and get a PGF the normal way instead of just Soloing with 4 accounts) stop running open rooms and leave to block 2 and 3 to make the drop easier? They will be stuck running the crash-heavy RT that can take 25-30 minutes with newer players. The incentive for veteran players to avoid new players is a problem all year round, but when we are talking about items that are worth 300-450DTs, an amount that new players can't even comprehend amassing, then it becomes an issue that undermines any chance of the server growing. Not only are new players less likely to get quality drops because veteran players avoid them during HH, but they are also less likely to make any social connections with the community. This community is full of people that would be happy to help out new players, but as stated in point #1, has every incentive to avoid them. What's the threshold for caring more about getting something for yourself, rather than helping a stranger? For me it's 400 dollars.


I don't know how this is even an issue to disagree about. multi-logging is a mechanic that BREAKS the game. PGFs are supposed to be the hardest drop in the game, but it's not really that hard to get several of them if you use multiple accounts. How is this any different than other methods that have been banned like boss warping? The only counterargument posted for not changing this is that adjusting the DAR would make the ROOM get the drop easier. There are zero players who view drops this way, that care if the room got the drop; they care if they got the drop. Of course it's nice to see a friend get an item they've been working towards, but another player having a dark meteor doesn't make me any better at the game. And I promise you that no one cares about other people getting the drop 5 and a half percent easier as long as they got it fair and square. What is annoying is knowing that you are grinding a PGF honestly and seeing people that you know are using multiple accounts getting the drop repeatedly. Shiida's revised drop rate being bemoaned as "making an easy game easier" feels like a joke considering you can boost your chances of getting any drop by 1.8-2.4x whenever you want. And when you compare this to the mild adjustments that Shiida proposed, it feels like these arguments aren't being made in good faith. 


I do hope this is resolved soon. I had fun in the past two events, but I heard repeatedly from other that "this is the last year I don't multi-log." The highlight of both anniversary and Christmas event was the first week or so when everyone was playing together and helping each other. There are people I played with at the start of anniversary and Christmas event who I didn't see after the first week of those events because they were spending the rest of the event using multiple accounts. And I can't blame them. Those players are now set for life on DTs and trade fodder and I'm the dope who spent over 300 hours in a video game in 2 months and got one STA to show for it.

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This is already on the program.

Expect news about that soon.

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2 hours ago, jdhenry124 said:

Lol I posted this in the wrong topic. Searched "ideas" and thought this was "ideas to improve the server" 🤦🏼

I was about to say that, too :onion-head65:

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3 minutes ago, jdhenry124 said:

Lol I posted this in the wrong topic. Searched "ideas" and thought this was "ideas to improve the server" 🤦🏼

I also noticed that only once I replied to your post xD

Anyways, fixed.

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On 1/11/2021 at 11:56 PM, Harvest said:

New weapon idea: Unlocked L&K38 Combat - Psycho Combat.





Made by using L&K38 and a Psycho Black Crystal (or other modifier, take your pick).

This question actually requires some deeper thoughts because PBC has already 2 endgame combinations. I'd rather add a new combination to Soul Booster since this one has nothing but Excalibur to use on. But if we do that, many people would already have all the required items to make it as soon as released, which is a shame. And we would rather not add new combiners to the game.



The idea is to have it locked to two specific classes, the HUcaseal and RAcaseal. Both of these classes tend to come up short when compared to their male counterparts in damage, so this suggestion is aimed at giving them a weapon with greater range to compensate. 

Hucast, I agree (and they have Serene Swan already).

But why would other classes be excluded?

- Racast, Ramar, Ramarl: I doubt it would outclass a Yasminkov 9000M [Charge]'s DPS, it is definitely not going to be a big game change for them in my opinion.

- Forces: their ATP is the lowest among all classes so I don't think it would be broken for them either. Moreover they were excluded from Serene Swan use (for no good reason) so it would really be an interesting item for Forces. (even @serverus asked for it)

- Humar: one of the least used classes on this server. I really would hate to exclude that one, specifically.

- Hunewearl: same argument as Forces: she's got the weakest ATP among hunters, although she can use Lindcray.



RAcassy has access to MFs as well, which have the autoaim that gives a bit of a lazy boost to it.

Know that you are talking about my favorite weapon in the game.

Like you I have been asking for it for years before I could make my dream come true.

I am very glad to have that one special and its real potential is tremendous.

For example: with SD 81, a racaseal can get rid of 3 scattered Arlans in a single HSS combo. This is what I do in CCC runs lately and I can't even think about a single weapon in the game that would kill them faster than MF.



With zero ATP, a max-atp HUcassy, no Shifta, and 0% attribute, an unlocked L&K38 does about 175 per strong hit. This means 875 per button push, and a full combo does about 2625 damage. For comparison, a HUcast with the same modifiers using a Psycho Raven will do 536 per strong attack, making it 1608 per button push, and 4824 per full combo. 

Here you are taking the endgame minimum ATP into consideration (no shifta, no %).

Even if you were to solo on hucaseal, you'd at least get a Shifta 7 from Macho Blade.

Of course any weapon with a low ATP will be weak, no matter how many bullets, if you use it with no buff against high DFP monsters.

A Hucast that deals 0 damage to an Epsilon with Serene Swan doesn't mean Serene Swan is powerless.

The better ATP multiplier (Shifta), the more you can feel the balance change.

For example the new fausts' double hit at 100-110 ATP, while it first seems insignificant, @C01D1 can testify that it gets really powerful with a higher shifta.

This is why it is so hard to balance any item that doesn't have PSO classic weapons mechanics.

At least get a Shifta 30 in your tests for more reliable references.



This was tested on an Arlan in ultimate, and I don't know if/how buffed the mobs are here as opposed to what I used.

Episode I monsters are not buffed.



One bonus of the L&K38 is that it's not a mechgun. I feel that it's the only type of weapon I seem to use nowadays, if it's not PRs, it's MFs, Last Swan, Yasminkov 9ks, TypeME/Mechs, or even the Samba Maracas/Fiesta. Everything's a mechgun, unless it's a Dark weapon. I'd love some variety that isn't intentionally hamstringing my play.


I'm also suggesting this because the L&K38 combat is an awesome looking gun that is criminally underused due to being locked. 

I agree any weapon with unique feature like this should be welcomed on Ultima.


Also, have you thought about the Special it would get?

Still Burning (so pretty much useful for nothing but Dark Falz)?

Of course not a sacrificial special for such a weapon.

- Spirit, Charge, Berserk, Demon excluded for obvious reason

- Tempest excluded because basically a less useful "magical" special than Burning

- King useless because of native Exp boosts

- Gush would pretty much kill the only good point about Guld Milla

- Hell, Chaos, Blizzard, Geist?

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Yeah I always look for unique damage mechanics. The Arrest Faust is basically a Rambling May with extra AoE damage and the extreme ability to Arrest up to 8 targets even behind you when you are surrounded! 

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For the class combinations, I'd literally just considered the female casts because the male casts tend to outclass them in straight-up power. I'd definitely suggest FOs get a swing at it, seeing as they got fucked over for the Swan, and the other HUs might be good additions based on what you posted. My specific aim was to not have the male casts have access to it, especially HUcast as its only weakness at the moment is range... which Swan gives it far too much of already.


I picked PBC as a modifier because it makes things black, and I'd made the skin idea black. Anything could be used instead, and Soul Booster isn't actually a bad idea. 


I will be the first to admit that my testing numbers aren't the best. I can try to get more numbers done, but my server isn't the same as Ultima.


I hadn't really considered changing the special on it, but thinking about it, there are a couple of good options you've mentioned. Hell would be an interesting option, but Blizzard appeals too. I'd originally envisioned the weapon as an Ep4 plant killer - they're (mostly) stationary and dangerous targets, and having Blizzard would add that little bit of extra safety to it. I'm not sure which would make it a more appealing weapon to the community at large.

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2 hours ago, Harvest said:

but Blizzard appeals too. I'd originally envisioned the weapon as an Ep4 plant killer - they're (mostly) stationary and dangerous targets, and having Blizzard would add that little bit of extra safety to it. I'm not sure which would make it a more appealing weapon to the community at large.

Sadly that would only work against Mericarols because Freeze special activation depends on target's ESP and every mini boss but Mericarol has 100 ESP.


2 hours ago, Harvest said:

I can try to get more numbers done, but my server isn't the same as Ultima.

All Ultima monsters stats except bosses and episode II are Vanilla.

As for the character stats, you get 100 more ATP and 10 ATA if you feel like changing your class max ATP.


2 hours ago, TheIronSheik said:

 are Soul Boosters really that much in abundance on the server? I was here during Easter/Summer event last year and don't recall anyone doing specific hunts for them. 

I don't know. 3 years ago I farmed 17 of them which is why I don't bother hunting them anymore, personally.

People are usually focused on CB, and some PBC during Summer, so I guess it wouldnt' hurt to give one more reason to hunt SB.

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10 hours ago, R-78 said:

Sadly that would only work against Mericarols because Freeze special activation depends on target's ESP and every mini boss but Mericarol has 100 ESP.

Ah, that's frustrating, I didn't know that. Potentially Hell or leaving it as Burning might be the answer then.

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Curious. How come shocking enemies isn't as popular as paralyzing/freezing? Sometimes on lower difficulties you can shock machine type enemies with Zonde casts. Is it because there is too high resistance in stronger enemies? Does it only affect certain types of enemies? I look at it as beneficial especially against machine types who can only be frozen and not paralyzed, which only gives you 4 second window rather than the 6 second window with paralyze, and Shock has that same 6 second window. Can especially be useful against Baranz.


If it's resistance based, is that something that can be modified into an existing weapon like the Maser Beam/Power Maser where it has similar special property as Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen?

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