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  1. Thank you for the timestamps and the condescending dismissal of the idea.
  2. Do you have a timestamp for the video? Not interested in watching ten minutes of it. Whilst it may come up in TA, I've not seen anyone use it in normal gameplay in all the time I've been playing PSO. When locked, it's outclassed by almost any other long range weapon. I'd also point out my idea was using a combo item on an L&K, meaning the original would still be in the game to use however you wanted. It honestly annoys me that most of the arguments people make were addressed in the numerous posts I've made about the item. People just look at it as "hurr durr unlock the L&K because it'd be awesome LOLOL".
  3. The idea had been to have it's ATP nerfed into the ground, either 0 or more likely 1, as weapons don't tend to play nice at 0ATP for some reason. The idea would that it'd be less powerful than say, Psycho Ravens, but allow for long-range disposal of flowers for the female cast classes and a couple of others. This would give them a slight edge over the HUcast in that they could stay safer at range and not have to get close to the insta-kill shots. The piss-poor aim it has (if the target moves, it can't lock on to them for some reason) means that it wouldn't become the new meta gun to have, but simply slot into a hunter's toolkit for a niche purpose.
  4. If memory serves, he actually took it personally and refused to do anything about it, instead of doing the mature thing and actually, y'know, delegating shit he doesn't want to do in the first place. But yes, the outcome was about the same. Honestly, yes. It's why I don't really play any more because why would I put effort into a server that's going nowhere? I stick around for the community, even though I still enjoy the game. It's too demoralising playing and investing in a steadily sinking ship. This, I disagree with. I don't think anyone should have to put up with slurs and abuse from someone with those issues, whereas it'd be completely unacceptable from someone without the same issues. A community shouldn't have to suffer because of one person's issues. It's not fair on them. I agree.
  5. Didn't realise it was against server rules to "offend a staff member". Maybe people in a position of responsibility need thicker skins? "'I find that offensive. ' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that. ' Well, so fucking what." - Stephen Fry Difficult when he inserts himself into any conversation, even ones that don't concern him. a) he denied the Holocaust, which is at least enough to get you arrested in Germany. Additionally, the internet is not a safe space to spew racist and sexist bile, and websites reserve the right to ban you if they find what you're saying to be against their values. https://xkcd.com/1357/ No staff member gets paid, this is a non-issue and doesn't need to be brought up. He volunteered for the position knowing it's unpaid, you can't whine about how hard done by he is because he isn't getting money. I would love some citation for this, because I just don't believe it. At all. What's actually changed because of him? We have generally less players, no new items that he's had a hand in designing... what does he do? There's like four different public servers going for this game. It's not like this is the last bastion of PSO standing against the darkness. "Let's not discuss or suggest changes to improve it, just like it or lump it." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. Clear and concise, like "you guys won't get any rewards unless enough people submit times"?
  7. From an objective standpoint, it's not good to have a moderator that actively gets involved in arguments, is dismissive and rude to portions of the playerbase he doesn't like, and talks disdainfully about the game as a whole except for one aspect that he approves of. Anyone coming here and seeing a mod shit-talking the game is going to be put off immediately. If you want to fix the staff team, this is the place to start.
  8. Soly does a ton of work behind the scenes, but he doesn't engage with the community much, nor does he decide the direction the server goes. My suggestion of lead admin is someone who actually has all the powers Larva has, and the permission to implement suggestions as they see fit. Soly has none of that, as far as I'm aware.
  9. Lead admin role suggestion, completely ignored despite a lot of support -
  10. I come back to play every so often, but when I do I want to help the server improve, and I make suggestions. And I'll spend a while thinking and testing and balancing, and make a decent length post that gets traction, and then gets shot down with literally no explanation. It's demoralising as shit. If you asked me what Ultima's real problem is, I'd say it's because it has a garbage admin team. I'm not saying the admins are garbage, but there's no cohesion. You have one admin who cares and puts a ton of effort in, but is stonewalled or ignored by Larva for most of their ideas. You have a mod that's actively antagonistic and dismissive of the game and the server. Other admins let things slide that would have people instantly permanently banned on any other platform I've seen. The rest of the admins are inactive completely, giving new players the perception that the staff dead is dead to begin with. And finally, you have a server owner who makes decisions on a whim, and doesn't seem to care about the server any more. I made the suggestion of a lead admin position, and guess what? It was fucking ignored. Why bother trying to improve the server when half the people in charge literally don't care?
  11. Did we ever get any reason as to why? I'd be interested to hear from @Larva on this one.
  12. You could have made this post in a week's time, and it'd have been exactly a year since the last post. You had the opportunity, and blew it. This frustrates me more than you can imagine.
  13. Ah, that's frustrating, I didn't know that. Potentially Hell or leaving it as Burning might be the answer then.
  14. For the class combinations, I'd literally just considered the female casts because the male casts tend to outclass them in straight-up power. I'd definitely suggest FOs get a swing at it, seeing as they got fucked over for the Swan, and the other HUs might be good additions based on what you posted. My specific aim was to not have the male casts have access to it, especially HUcast as its only weakness at the moment is range... which Swan gives it far too much of already. I picked PBC as a modifier because it makes things black, and I'd made the skin idea black. Anything could be used instead, and Soul Booster isn't actually a bad idea. I will be the first to admit that my testing numbers aren't the best. I can try to get more numbers done, but my server isn't the same as Ultima. I hadn't really considered changing the special on it, but thinking about it, there are a couple of good options you've mentioned. Hell would be an interesting option, but Blizzard appeals too. I'd originally envisioned the weapon as an Ep4 plant killer - they're (mostly) stationary and dangerous targets, and having Blizzard would add that little bit of extra safety to it. I'm not sure which would make it a more appealing weapon to the community at large.
  15. I mean, it's probably because it's a terrible idea. If it happened right now, I'd lose my only Cent/Battle. Only got the one, so it goes in my bank for when I decide whether to play my HU or my RA. They don't drop again until... Easter? Summer? Either way, I'm going to have to buy one from someone. And I can imagine prices will shoot up, seeing as the only ones remaining will be ones people have equipped. I'd lose about 6-7 photon spheres. These are saved up from previous events and from doing a chunk of woi this Christmas. As a mid-level player, this would put me significantly further behind people who have their weapons maxed already. I'd lose an almost maxed Psycho Raven. 50 hit Yas9k would go. Outlaw Star, 100 A. Beast Bomb Chu, Wedding Dress, Sealed J-Sword, a couple of maxed out mags, a ton of level 30 disks, grinders, mats, body parts, Stellar Shards, POSTs, PBCs, NYCs, and whatever Weapons Crystal Badges are. And that's just off the top of my head. Would I continue to play after losing all of that? No. I can guarantee I'd quit. But let's say that I do stick around. I'm not going to be helping newbies any more - I don't have any low level stuff to give them. I'm going to be focusing on myself. Prices are going to go up, because older players tend to have a lot of DTs stockpiled, whilst newer players don't - are you going to pay 50+ DTs for a Cent/Battle? 70+? Apart from anything, we've seen this happen. Pretty sure it was SCHTHACK that managed to wipe its database a few years back, resulting in the unrecoverable loss of literally everyone's characters and gear. About 80% of their player base left and formed Ephinea, fracturing the tiny playerbase even more. I find it staggering that anyone stayed, personally - if someone is so irresponsible that they don't have backups, why would you trust them a second time when they've already let you down the first. I imagine you'd get the same mass exodus here - whether to other servers or other games, people wouldn't stick around. And you wouldn't get newbies coming to a dead server.
  16. Back when I originally posted the idea, I spent some time making a dark version of the L&K, but could never actually get it to work due to the strange way you have to import textures. I'm not super tech savvy. This is the current L&K skin, the one below would retain the barrel colours, and the yellow bits replaced by the red. Theoretically, it should look okay.
  17. I figured that any extreme changes would be difficult, hence the minor-ish changes. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, just hoping that this idea can get some traction and we can have one of the coolest weapons in the game be actually useable.
  18. It's been two years, why not post this again... New weapon idea: Unlocked L&K38 Combat - Psycho Combat. Made by using L&K38 and a Psycho Black Crystal (or other modifier, take your pick). Would be reskinned in a black/red style. The idea is to have it locked to two specific classes, the HUcaseal and RAcaseal. Both of these classes tend to come up short when compared to their male counterparts in damage, so this suggestion is aimed at giving them a weapon with greater range to compensate. There's been a lot of suggestion that this would be ridiculously powerful, and has been tested before, but I did some testing of my own. With zero ATP, a max-atp HUcassy, no Shifta, and 0% attribute, an unlocked L&K38 does about 175 per strong hit. This means 875 per button push, and a full combo does about 2625 damage. For comparison, a HUcast with the same modifiers using a Psycho Raven will do 536 per strong attack, making it 1608 per button push, and 4824 per full combo. This was tested on an Arlan in ultimate, and I don't know if/how buffed the mobs are here as opposed to what I used. RAcassy has access to MFs as well, which have the autoaim that gives a bit of a lazy boost to it. I think the special range on those are about 130 compared to the L&Ks 170, but a disadvantage of the L&K38 is that if the target even twitches, it'll miss the damn thing. The aiming on it is really difficult compared to several weapons, and it has a longer recovery time than mechguns too. It's very difficult for me to get a proper DPS on them due to this. One bonus of the L&K38 is that it's not a mechgun. I feel that it's the only type of weapon I seem to use nowadays, if it's not PRs, it's MFs, Last Swan, Yasminkov 9ks, TypeME/Mechs, or even the Samba Maracas/Fiesta. Everything's a mechgun, unless it's a Dark weapon. I'd love some variety that isn't intentionally hamstringing my play. I'm also suggesting this because the L&K38 combat is an awesome looking gun that is criminally underused due to being locked. Additionally, it's a badass weapon that would be great for female characters, as some of their go-to weapons are covered in hearts and/or love connotations, which is a relic of 20 years ago. I'm more than happy to help out with balance testing on the server, if needs be. TLDR; - Combine to unlock L&K - Locked to HUcassy and RAcassy - Single-target poor-aim awesome looking gun.
  19. This, honestly, was a really silly idea. The one drawback of a HUcast was that it couldn't attack at long range, and not only did it get that option, but it got it with an already powerful weapon. People are obviously going to vote for the strongest option, because if you offered 95% of the server a sword that killed everything in the current room in one shot, they'd take it. Rangers should have the advantage of range - it's in their name.
  20. I think you quoted the wrong post, but assuming you meant the changelog, yeah, it's not something that would have to be updated often. Admittedly, I'd personally like it to include new items, and when items do get changed, whoever did the change updates it so it's not a massive clusterfunk of people trying to find out what changed. When SS was changed, there was a huge chat in our discord as people went to test what classes it could still be used on, whether the stats had changed, whether the range had changed. And even then, the gun was different to what was intended, being accidentally locked from HU. If that info was added to a public log, there'd be a lot less confusion on the topic.
  21. He was talking about the Serene Swan. L&K is already combo locked, why would he reduce the speed and combo lock it?
  22. I posted a suggestion a while back about having a lead admin position, and whilst it got a lot of support, it ultimately didn't go anywhere. A lot of the current GMs I haven't seen for a long time - if at all. It'd be good to get some new blood in. I'd apply myself, but there doesn't seem to be any way to apply.
  23. Additionally, hire a community admin. This person should co-ordinate with all the staff members and be the main mouthpiece for official info.
  24. Apparently not. You don't care that people do testing, that people care about balance, you just want dumb overpowered shit for reasons like "it's manly" or "it's pimpin'". You don't care how the weapons would affect the game, you can't even do basic research to see whether weapons do have the things that you're claiming they do. You're literally the kind of person who shouldn't be listened to.
  25. Last Swan doesn't have rifle range. It has handgun range.
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