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  1. I'm sure I read a discussion about something similar on another server. You trade in 9 star weapons for photon crystals and then you could use them to add hit to weapons other than the usual enemy type ones. No idea if they ever implemented it or if it was just a pipe dream. Tried to find it just now but can't remember where it was. Think it's a bit OTT anyway.
  2. Didn't die in Berlin (maybe next time @radezz)  Did manage to break my wrist while dressed as John Lennon though.  No PSO for the next few weeks.  RIP

    1. Misombre


      You mean you can't play pso with a broken wrist, but you can write that you will not be able to play pso ? Did you not use a keyboard to write this ? O=

    2. radezz


      @Misombreim pretty sure he wrote it with an xbox controller XD

      @JanenbaDMSI curse my elite luck, but am glad you live at the same time. Such is my nature :3 <3

    3. JanenbaDMS


      @Misombre I've always been a filthy pad using casual.  Currently operating the PC with left hand only :cr-yesss:

  3. In a few hours I shall be flying to Berlin to drink ALL THE THINGS for my mates stag do.  If I happen to succumb to alcohol poisoning on this perilous journey I bequeath all my items to @radezz so the rich can continue to get richer <3

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    2. radezz


      @JanenbaDMS@Starlord I will become the 0.1% Elite. A new level of richboi douche that has never been reached before, in your honor <3 I accept your bequeathings. 

      Bottom's Up bro :3

      Edited by radezz
    3. mudkipzjm


      @radezz There is that level of douche and it's called colorado wilson xd.

    4. radezz


      @mudkipzjmthen I will Colorado Silver his ass into oblivion mkay? XD

  4. Confirmed Summer Event Drops - 2017

    So far everything seems consistent with previous years. If that's the case Oran Kondy should also drop C/B
  5. Yes I always use demon yas to cut them down before finishing off with some other weapon. Needs to be something with pretty high atp though as epsi dfp is really high iirc.
  6. AOL quest didn't reward mag cell

    I'm assuming you mean sunset base to get cell 502? Did you do it on normal? Quest only rewards if you do it on hard or above. Did you do all the rappy steps? Have you done the quest with these characters before? If you have you won't get it again.
  7. Weapon Badge Meetup and Discussion

    Iirc the guy that converts badges only shows up once the timer has run out.
  8. Official Max Stats Guide

    On the foney plan it lists godric cloak but isn't that only usable by fomar?
  9. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Ready to redeem bronze and silver :3
  10. I wonder which foot my country has chosen to shoot itself in today? :3

    1. Starlord


      The devils foot. The left foot of course.

    2. thelionorion


      Probably my foot. Or the US foot. Measurements are weird

    3. JanenbaDMS


      I think I've found my true calling - political betting.  Just made £325.  No overall majority.  Not the best outcome but definitely not the worst either.  UK has the potential to be slightly less ugly tho

  11. Preordered Sonic Mania on steam last night... roll on August 15th

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    2. Shiva


      i actually didnt exspected anything good again from sega, but then they made mania^^

      but they also still have sonic forces which is probably as bad as i can imagine hehe

    3. JanenbaDMS


      Yeah well gotta make a stupid modern sonic game as well to keep the kids/idiots happy I guess xD  I got generations which was ok but I never actually bothered finishing it.  Once I got past DC era levels I stopped caring haha.

    4. Shiva


      XD same