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  1. Pretty neat. I was going through some of my old gaming mags the other day and found what I think was my first exposure to PSO back when it was still just an industry rumour. Screenshot from "The Secret World of Dreamcast" supplement that came with the xmas 98 issue of Games Master in the UK
  2. Good variety of options for folk this year. Interested to see how far the raffle unlocks get.
  3. I don't think so. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the phantasy star zero games took place on the planet Pioneer 1&2 were fleeing from but might be misremembering. Never actually played the games. Planet was originally called Coral or something?
  4. "Can I ask what NYC do?" "NO YOU CAN'T!" :3 Please spare a thought for all your GMs this post-holiday season
  5. Redria - Ult Ep2 - Del Lily - NYC
  6. I had a job years ago that was mainly processing investment fund transfers. So much other useful information in my brain pushed out and replaced with the 3 letter abbreviations for each fund :3
  7. My bands new single is out





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    2. JanenbaDMS


      Cheers for checking it out man!  The Luther Vandross comment was so good.  We've never let the guy that drunkenly shouted it live it down xD


      The truth is that all of us in the band have massively different tastes so I guess it helps blend everything together.  I'm definitely a huge Floyd fan though so happy that you're getting hints of that.

    3. wade1212


      Hey this is a good song.

    4. Larva


      I like the song, the production it's pretty good. I was expecting something more like a garage record.

      but sounds really clean.  congrats.

  8. I've had like 10 pds from bringers on whitill so far. Was starting to think I broke something xD
  9. You can check event specific drops here: If I remember right battle is summer and arms is triforce
  10. Just got a DoB from Arlan so regular drop red ult ep 1 Edit: Dress plate is Delsaber red ult ep 1
  11. Finally got round to doing the Ragol Ring questline. Talk about a lore dump... Seat of the Heart is intense!
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