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  1. Ult Ep1 Greenil Hildetorr - Frozen Shooter Ult Ep1 Redria Hildetorr - Magic Stone Iritista Regular drops from both. On the plus side I now have my 85 hit rainbow baton
  2. Ruins drop while hunting NYC. First 80+ hit weapon I've ever got on this server haha.
  3. DF Shield - Greenil - Sinow Gold - VH
  4. Another of my faves CLUEDIT: One of the Saturns last gasps MOAR: Only 1/3rd got a western release
  5. Alien Storm. I liked the first person bits the best. We'd get super competitive trying to steal health/energy packs from each other
  6. Oh man me and my cousin used to play this all the time haha
  7. Haha in the spirit of competition I shall also refrain from guessing right away going forward. Might even throw a screenshot of my own in later
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