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  1. New single coming out 12.4.19 


  2. Iirc this is true. You can easily dual log the quest on normal though so just make a lvl 1 male ra so you can get the shot then run them through with a higher level char. Shouldn't take more than 15-20 mins per time. Trade the shot then reset the char.
  3. New single came out Friday 


  4. Receiving 908 Error

    This worked for me before when I was getting the same error:
  5. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Skyly - Delsaber - Ruins - Ultimate - Sacred Bow
  6. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Redria - Morfos - Ultimate - Boomerang
  7. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Del Lily - Ult - Tower - Bomb-Chu - Redria
  8. Gal wing special used to be good for triggering mag invincibility. Unsure if that's still the case.
  9. People just need to think for themselves. Offer what you think a weapon is worth. If the seller disagrees and buyer isn't willing to adjust their offer then they can just hunt it themselves. Value is subjective and will only ever be a source of debate "official" price guide or not.
  10. Shops open again.  I see that in all the time I've been away people still haven't learned how to MAKE OFFERS :P Guess I'll add prices in a bit 


    1. Starlord


      Things have changed a lot since you been gone. Things are crazy now lol

    2. mudkipzjm


      Welcome back :P

    3. JanenbaDMS


      I was never truly gone *lurks*


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  12. First music video.  Hype.  


  13. (No908) Patch server connection failed.

    Unfortunately I had this issue a few years ago too. Nothing we tried worked. Took a few months off then just tried it one day and everything was working again. Weird.