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  1. My bands new single is out





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JanenbaDMS


      Cheers for checking it out man!  The Luther Vandross comment was so good.  We've never let the guy that drunkenly shouted it live it down xD


      The truth is that all of us in the band have massively different tastes so I guess it helps blend everything together.  I'm definitely a huge Floyd fan though so happy that you're getting hints of that.

    3. wade1212


      Hey this is a good song.

    4. Larva


      I like the song, the production it's pretty good. I was expecting something more like a garage record.

      but sounds really clean.  congrats.

  2. I've had like 10 pds from bringers on whitill so far. Was starting to think I broke something xD
  3. You can check event specific drops here: If I remember right battle is summer and arms is triforce
  4. Just got a DoB from Arlan so regular drop red ult ep 1 Edit: Dress plate is Delsaber red ult ep 1
  5. Finally got round to doing the Ragol Ring questline. Talk about a lore dump... Seat of the Heart is intense!
  6. Nothing says ostentatious wealth like an 85h Vjaya imo
  7. *prepares for the next four days of folk asking for GMs to redeem NYC in shoutbox*
  8. Nice job. Now I have to decide whether to go for vanity or utitlity...
  9. @ink since you were asking for a response on it I guess I'll bite... Mass bank wipe would decimate what remains of this server. This is a game where folk grind for years to build up collections of stuff. Hell, the reason why most folk commit to a single server rather than playing on multiple is usually "I have so much gear here I don't want to start over" The nearest comparison I can think of is Ephineas permadeath mode but even that's a choice for individual players and separate from the rest of the game. Personally, if I was told that I would have to forfeit the majority of my gear
  10. Ult Ep1 Greenil Hildetorr - Frozen Shooter Ult Ep1 Redria Hildetorr - Magic Stone Iritista Regular drops from both. On the plus side I now have my 85 hit rainbow baton
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