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  1. Racast and ramar 200 and can also fonewm (think she's 147 or something)
  2. So in my first few days of playing Mass Effect Andromeda I have managed established safe settlements on 2 planets.  16 years on and Pioneer 2 still hasn't sorted Ragol?  Lazy

  3. Can I change char this time round and use a lvl 200? The ultimate round last time was torture :3
  4. Good luck my ??? brothers
  5. All hail the one TRUE Gamemaster 

    Accept no alternatives

    1. radezz


      specially no fakes

  6. GMS is certainly fake. DMS is the correct name of my band. Glad we cleared that up.
  7. I don't know the exact time but it's only a few minutes or so. I set up 4 new accounts back to back when getting ready to start type runs and by the time I made each new gmail account the site was ready to go again.
  8. Even the night time beach? I don't really mind. Just thinking about it from a fashion shoot perspective
  9. Do it on the beach!
  10. I managed to find a maguwa couple of days ago. Maybe I'll break it out but will need to test how strong it is first :3 Neat idea tho, much kudos
  11. I think @mudkipzjm is a pretty cool guy.  Eh sits in the lobby and doesn't afraid of anything.



    1. Lemon


      I gave mud a loan, but he hasn't paid me back Dx

  12. If you have any questions about beach laughter just fire me a pm