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  1. Fine with me. Give me a shout when you're in game and I'll jump on. Also PSA for everyone, I'm casualAF here now so no idea about prices. Just post your offers here. I'll probably accept (as demonstrated above)
  2. Found another old bank with a few weapons so added them to the list :3
  3. Was looking to grab one of those BBS and the Photon Booster for 5DTs if that's good for you?
  4. Always good to see another kaizo fan in the wild. Always loved the Lake Bodom theme from Invictus. Can't beat a good underwater track imo
  5. I've got a 195 mind Dreamcast if you're interested?
  6. Yeah I tried all that last night. Launcher downloaded from site has the same issue. Bypassing it and trying to force the patch from start screen eventually gave me the 908 error. Had a problem with that 2017ish where we tried a bunch of stuff but ultimately the issue just went away about 6 months later. Don't think it would be ISP related as I've tested installing it on my laptop this morning over the same connection and can get in no problem. I don't really play this all the time anymore but have been relatively active on desktop since xmas with no problems. It's a weird one. Guessing it'll iron itself out eventually like last time.
  7. Uninstall/reinstall and now I get this instead :3
  8. Never had this one before. This pops up as soon as launcher opens. Running the game anyway gets me to start screen then nothing but black. Any ideas?
  9. Pretty sure it's always been Falz. I hunted one the first year it got included just to confirm it at the time.
  10. When I click the link it takes me straight to the post with the run (Shoutgu 10:35) so not sure what's happening with you :3
  11. I'll take these if still available?
  12. For Ramarl/Racassy I usually just coast through with lvl1 frame until 112 then swap to Vampire Cloak. Safety Heart at 123 then combine with Sweetheart at 131. Magic Rock Heart Key is the combiner for all the heart stuff (if I remember right Love Heart provides big dfp buff if you're standing next to another player if they're male but I mostly solo so moot point) Should be simple enough to party up during vday event or at the very least they'll be going for pretty cheap since they'll be easy to get. To echo what folk were saying previously in terms of weapons, Frozen Shooter should be your go to. Loads for sale for literally 1-2pds. High hit not required since special is so busted. Just remember to keep swapping it out as if you keep it equipped there is a chance to freeze you in place every couple of minutes or so (or wear a cure/freeze) Bit of a timesink to unlock all the questlines in ep1 and ep4 to make bringers rifle with 50 hit but it isn't hard as you can do it on any difficulty. Also v502 if you're using hell weapons for 100% boost to chance of insta kill! Best thing I can say though is not to go full tilt with any of this. Burnout is the biggest killer with PSO. Pretty much everything is going to take time in the beginning. Best of luck!
  13. Might be Falz grants wrecking if they have very little ELT on armor? I seem to recall it packing a lot more of a punch before you hit end game build wise.
  14. JaNeNbA Very generous of you. Good job and good luck to everyone
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