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    1. Starlord


      *Prepares earplugs eagerly* :onion-head05:

    2. JanenbaDMS
    3. mudkipzjm


      pretty good! i'll try to support when i get the chance

  1. New Year Cards

    Add one of these to your chain
  2. New Year Cards

    Nice job with this. Would be funny if the raffle prize was ownership of all cards used in the raffle xD
  3. Ultima Christmas Event 2017

    The cycle cannot be broken. To play here from anniversary through Xmas is to become intimately acquainted with frustration. The ragequitters will mostly come back for valentines... mostly
  4. Where we came from?

    not quite
  5. Happy Bday bro

    1. MadOrNah


      Yes, happy day of birth.

  6. Show your screenshots

    I see your DF and raise
  7. I'm sure I read a discussion about something similar on another server. You trade in 9 star weapons for photon crystals and then you could use them to add hit to weapons other than the usual enemy type ones. No idea if they ever implemented it or if it was just a pipe dream. Tried to find it just now but can't remember where it was. Think it's a bit OTT anyway.
  8. Didn't die in Berlin (maybe next time @radezz)  Did manage to break my wrist while dressed as John Lennon though.  No PSO for the next few weeks.  RIP

    1. Misombre


      You mean you can't play pso with a broken wrist, but you can write that you will not be able to play pso ? Did you not use a keyboard to write this ? O=

    2. radezz


      @Misombreim pretty sure he wrote it with an xbox controller XD

      @JanenbaDMSI curse my elite luck, but am glad you live at the same time. Such is my nature :3 <3

    3. JanenbaDMS


      @Misombre I've always been a filthy pad using casual.  Currently operating the PC with left hand only :cr-yesss:

  9. In a few hours I shall be flying to Berlin to drink ALL THE THINGS for my mates stag do.  If I happen to succumb to alcohol poisoning on this perilous journey I bequeath all my items to @radezz so the rich can continue to get richer <3

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    2. radezz


      @JanenbaDMS@Starlord I will become the 0.1% Elite. A new level of richboi douche that has never been reached before, in your honor <3 I accept your bequeathings. 

      Bottom's Up bro :3

      Edited by radezz
    3. mudkipzjm


      @radezz There is that level of douche and it's called colorado wilson xd.

    4. radezz


      @mudkipzjmthen I will Colorado Silver his ass into oblivion mkay? XD

  10. Confirmed Summer Event Drops - 2017

    So far everything seems consistent with previous years. If that's the case Oran Kondy should also drop C/B