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877 Pods, 107 konds That was the most intense hunt for a single item in my time here, longer than even this took last year - Complaining

made by @Yalyn

The 1/23500 notepad The 1/10239 notepad It took me 2455 runs of PW4, 12275 total Gi Gue's slain, 9650 during 1/23500, 2625 during 1/10239. TWENTY ONE PDS 122.75 hours during HH or 40.9 HH's wo

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What In "THE WORLD" :onion122:

[Get It? :onion-head09:]

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@applesaucin (I keep 4gettung you am sockes xD)

@Saber +7



We did It, everyone! It was rough (and worthless, If you know what I mean :onion-head09:), but after three (and a half :onion87:), the 4th was the charm! :onion-head11: (And people say 3rd Is the charm :onion121:)




Big shoutouts to @Saber +7:onion107:

You taught us well, the path of Croacking Croccodyles Clutches :onion-head54:

(...Wait a sec, I just made that up, but It's accurate :onion-head81: )


[btw It was CCC "Cal's Clock Challenge" quest :D [and my body Is still trembling,

tensWOIfold :onion-head57::onion-head27:]

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Never In my life have I ever been SO OFFENDED! :onion-head28:




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80 hit frozen shooter found in Sim 2.0 today. 


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