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877 Pods, 107 konds That was the most intense hunt for a single item in my time here, longer than even this took last year - Complaining

made by @Yalyn

The 1/23500 notepad The 1/10239 notepad It took me 2455 runs of PW4, 12275 total Gi Gue's slain, 9650 during 1/23500, 2625 during 1/10239. TWENTY ONE PDS 122.75 hours during HH or 40.9 HH's wo

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Getting married!

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For as long as I have played this game, I never knew the skybox for Jungle North was nighttime with a full moon. I've never played on PC, either, so the draw distance is different vs. consoles. I had to stand in just the right spot to get the treetops to disappear. This place is suddenly even prettier.


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11 minutes ago, DiosGX said:


I shall ban you right now

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My joy of the month. (Iron Faust 0/30/0/0/45hit)


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Got a lot of screenshots and video of the different areas for reference material. Posted online as a backup in case hard drive dies. Thank you to the staff for running a decent server.

Lobbies       https://imgur.com/gallery/PZVV6M9
Pioneer 2   https://imgur.com/gallery/547jqYl
Forest       https://imgur.com/gallery/AxyOLi7
Caves normal   https://imgur.com/gallery/bc7pJXD
Caves ult   https://imgur.com/gallery/JMmBFFl
Mines normal   https://imgur.com/gallery/Mk8G68o
Mines ult   https://imgur.com/gallery/2CT0YRn
Ruins normal   https://imgur.com/gallery/1ipkzMH
Ruins ult   https://imgur.com/gallery/DUdnqFF
Temple       https://imgur.com/gallery/FyHmKI7
Spaceship   https://imgur.com/gallery/sFMjFeq
CCA & Mountain   https://imgur.com/gallery/SDhNWY2
Jungle       https://imgur.com/gallery/97QWRWe
Seaside       https://imgur.com/gallery/i5WQ3hZ
Seabed       https://imgur.com/gallery/jLWZXrm
Episode 4   https://imgur.com/gallery/idsrIm6


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GameCube Pso Offline when it was possible to reach Ultimate at lv422643a93dca13be16e207cfe1bcf7fce5.jpga74d040f1c7d98da838c3c4fb33af791.jpg

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