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  1. centurion battle redria epsilon ultimate Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) mediante Tapatalk
  2. cool this solve the problem ^^
  3. hea using window 7 ultimate 64 bits
  4. a friend of mine is new playing pso so i share the link to download the addons, but hes currently having visual issues check the image can some1 help please. the words looks imposible to read.
  5. does any1 know whats the use for the synchro on love rappy? if is - or + or if is like soniti or tellusis that dont afect by the synchro.
  6. Ok guys you will love this skin for Asteron striker xD just download this link and paste on data/items/model https://www.mediafire.com/file/e762eddljp77d1p/File_220.prs/file
  7. download these 2 links: https://www.mediafire.com/file/yn7pb87jlatp1kp/File_337.prs/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/e1wournmwm8kbmj/File_361.prs/file file 337: paste on data/items/model file 361: paste on data/items/texture
  8. is keeping the pr animation ): Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) mediante Tapatalk
  9. updated Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) mediante Tapatalk
  10. sure pm me. ill be online in 5 minuts Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) mediante Tapatalk
  11. Hello i came with a skin replacement for more fun visual in ur games! just download these 2 files and paste in the following folders: - File 254 on: data/items/model - File 449 on: data/items/texture https://www.mediafire.com/file/ry889wtk8j2kzkx/File_254.prs/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/vr8s0edppyz3tt4/File_449.prs/file heres a sample of how it looks:
  12. ok if u like color cyan i got it for u, just download this https://www.mediafire.com/file/9s3259qp8w4ipqs/File_470.prs/file and replace on texture folder.
  13. Step 1: downloads these 2 files Step2: paste File 398 on Ultima PSOBB\data\items\model Step3: paste File 470 on Ultima PSOBB\data\items\texture step4: close psobb game if open, and open again and done u can enjoy! PD: ty to @Lobotomy for explain the process behind. File 398.prs File 470.prs
  14. Serene Swan [0/0/0/20|0] [untekked] 20 PD's may i have this 1 please, let me know when ur available ty. Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) mediante Tapatalk
  15. the main problem about unlocking master raven is that male forces can use it, so i guess that would be too op for that class. Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) mediante Tapatalk
  16. What's the best charge close range (sword,partisan,etc) multitarget wep after vjaya as a hunter?
  17. that would be awesome, since the only 2 i saw so far are gold and dark blue. check a picture of how i look u can have an idea of what i want to look like, something like black red gael giel skin.
  18. where i can find a list of gael giel skins? i wanted like a dark red gael giel but no luck so far...
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