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Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!


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TripleR's Team Challenge Event!!


Can't find people to do stuff with?  After years of hard research and help from NASA scientists and famous engineers from the world over, as well as a team of old dudes in their parents basement that have not stopped playing games since the Magnavox Odyssey came out, we have finally found the solution. Are you ready for action, adventure, mystery and all that shit? What follows may just be the greatest thing you've ever heard!


The Challenge:

  3 rounds doing timed quests in a 4 player party! Scores will be given based on time remaining as well as a factor involving kills, although times are going to be the most heavily weighted. To work at coordinating as a team and planning your run is going to be the key to winning here! Sylph's PB TA rules will apply here, with the exception that I will allow noob/HPs. No custom weapons(S.T.A.R.S. Spread, Dark Meteor Storm, etc.) will be allowed and if you are one of the players who has them and want to enter you will have to record from your perspective. All rounds will be done in Ultimate difficulty so a character of at least level 110 is required and even then some work should be put into leveling


The Team:

All teams will be assigned for you!! The idea here is to see how well we can work with people we don't normally play with and if you can't handle this then this event is not for you! Teams will be changed for each round to give you 3 new teammates to work with. The key to winning here is to always be working together! If you are an experienced player maybe be prepared to do a bit of teaching, and if you are new here prepare for some learning, and I will be trying to set up teams to give these opportunities!


The Scoring:

  • 1000 points will be given to each player at the beginning of each round.
  • After a certain "grace period" points will be deducted per second.
  • There will be kills bonuses that can be achieved which will be announced at the beginning of each round
  • Your total points at the end of the event will be combined and ordered to decide the winners of the event

Prizes will be picked from a lot at the end, with the highest score getting the first pick of the prizes, and working down to the lowest score, so everyone who completes this event will have a chance at winning something!



1. Sonic Team Armor

2. Inferno Girasole [100 0 0 100 80]

3. Jizai [0 100 100 0 55]

4. Hundred Souls [0 75 85 0 70]

5. Crimson Sword [0 90 0 90 40]

6.  Wedding Dress [Def: 66 Evp:26]

7. Red Ring [Def:  Evp:]

8. Slicer of Vengeance [40 45 0 45 0]

9. Yasminkov 9000m (Demons) [0 0 0 0 30]

10. Chao Mag [5 150 45 0]

11. Ultima Engine

12. Heaven Striker [0 0 0 35 35]

13. Gael Gill Mag [5 145 50 0]

14. Snow Queen [0 0 30 0 30]

15. Rage Du Feu [0 40 0 0 40]

16. Dual Bird [0 40 40 40 0]

17. Zanba [45 0 0 50 0]

18. Disca Of Braveman [0 0 60 55 50]

19. Slicer of Vengeance [0 0 0 40 0]

20. Slicer of Vengeance [0 0 0 30 0]

21. Kroe's Sweater

22. Dress Plate

23. x99 HP Materials

24. Holy Ray [0 0 0 0 35]

25. v502

26. Genpei 

27. Psycho Wand

28. Tyrell's Parasol [70 0 0 30 0]

29. Samba Maracas [0 0 0 0 0]

30. Vivienne [30 0 45 0 40]

31. Centurion/Power

32. Centurion/Ability

33. Earth Wand Brownie [0 0 0 0 60]

34. Nug-2000 Bazooka [0 0 0 0 20]

35. Tsukimiri J-Saber

36. Rare Olga Flow saber


There will also be a for each member of each team who places first in each round. Those will be a suprise though



-Registration is now CLOSED!! This may change if anyone drops out-



Forgot to mention this, if you don't have any popular c-mode classes(Hucaseal, Hucast, Fonewearl, Fonewm) you may want to have an open slot or make a new account


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