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  1. Ult - Hildett ( ep 2 ) - cross scar - yellowboz Ult - Hildetorr ( ep 2 ) - flight cutter - yellowboz Ult - claw - bravace - yellowboz Ult - del saber ( ep 1 ) - del saber's right arm - yellowboz
  2. VH - Del Rappy - Asteron Belt - Purplenum Ult - Del Rappy - Soul Eater - Purplenum
  3. Ult- Sinow Red - DF Shield - Purplenum
  4. when hell doesn't work, just demon like I do ^.^
  5. VH - Goran Detonator - Yellow Ring - Purplenum VH - Astark - Daisy Chain - Pinkal
  6. Ult - Hildetorr (ep1) - Kroe Sweater - Whitill
  7. Ult- Goran Detonator? - BLUE RING - Whitill Ult - Merissa A - v501 - Whitill
  8. Ult- Canabin - Rambling May - Whitill
  9. Ult - CHAOS BRINGER ( ep1 ) - HoneyComb Reflector - Whitill Ult - Claw - Amitie Memo - Whitill Ult- Merlan ( ep1 ) - red mechgun - Whitill Ult- Belra ( ep1 ) - Belra Right Arm - Whitill
  10. ULT - POUILLY SLIME - Syringe - Whitill ULT - MELQUEEK - Yellow Merge - Whitill
  11. Ult- Satalite Lizard- Regular Drop- - Whitill
  12. WOW, its been almost been 6 years since I joined here.

    1. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      Idk if you remember me but I’m “Wilson”. Me you and Schrank played way back in the day. Glad to still see you around. 

    2. Trigunman


      Don't worry buddy, I still got ya beat, been here almost a decade now.  :rf-00:

      But I'm sure when PSO2 comes here to the USA next year, I'll finally "retire", ha!

    3. Sciaz


      @Trigunman I don't think you will ever retire XD

      @Saber +7 IDK about still around. I pop on randomly and then disappear into the void. lol

  13. Normal drop- boota ep4 ult- whitill
  14. New Years Card- Ult- Girt- Whitill Ult Whitill- Dorphon Eclair= normal
  15. just caught up on the ban appeal drama ^.^ Always a good time, but one thing? Why do they always bring up " I donated"?

    1. Lemon


      They don't understand that GMs don't get paid.  So they think they have control over the GMs wage.

    2. R-78


      21 hours ago, Lemon said:

      They don't understand that GMs don't get paid

      That reminds me of someone who said he was going to donate a lot because I've been so nice and helpful

  16. not a bad idea, but the only way I can think of that being practical is as a shield, because units ( unless hard-coded ) will only take you to max ata/atp and not beyond. if that's all that the shield would offer, sadly I don't think it would be received well.
  17. Del saber set Give shield 200-250 evp Give saber 400-450 atp and 55atp
  18. I'll give it a shot 182 racaseal 144 Fomar
  19. welcome. I'm glad you are having a good experience. If you have any questions, don't be shy. Most of us here are pretty helpful.
  20. ramarl: stealth suit max evp secure feet all the neat looking handguns ^.^ racaseal: Arrest Needle + 502 hunewearl: adept(x3) + spirit hucast: Master Sword or TJS
  21. I wonder if someone will take the time to make a custom unitext with this.
  22. My Ramarl feels more like a hunter than ever thanks to this event.

    1. Yannv


      Forces are Rangers, Rangers are Hunters and Hunters are Rangers now :P

  23. so a couple ideas I've been toying with. Saber: essentially bring back the v2 s-rank j-blade. great atp and ata, but the part I like best is its a typeSA/jblade. I realize adding actual s-ranks would be a chore, so I wouldn't mind it not being one. dual handgun type: the versions of phantasy star that come after blue burst have it, and after thinking I believe it might be possible. using the mechgun animation and the rambling may's double hit thing it has going on. ( unless the latter is still a black box ) twin sword: lame/excal a two target weapon with the atp of excal drop the special give it zalure. maybe make a tool called "holy stone" that has to be used on excal
  24. B>yas2k

    prefer x/0/0/x/x but not required

    1. JanenbaDMS


      Got a blank one you can have for a pd if you want?

  25. that's a relief, I was quite upset. not that I want to use PW, its a good seller though.
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