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  1. hey look my mailbox is gone im sure its cus im ban from it or maybe just a bug
  2. also giving away my 3 sonic team armors
  3. I Yuki Hernandez has change ways I will no long troll nor is I to steal or curse and call ppl bad names from today on I r calling ppl good names and being super cool steve. I also giving away my 7 wedding dress and all my other items cus r staring over like newborn
  4. you cant really say that HappyHour "affect the economy" no matter how many of a item "lets say v101" are around its up to the person your trading to set a "price" no where on the internet is a list of every Phantasy Star Online BlueBalls items with PD price. If there are 4players selling a V101 for 20PD. HappyHour Starts and at the end there are 10players with V101 for sell that doesnt mean the price of the V101 should go down. now there are 9players selling V101 for 20PD and 1player selling it for 10PD its not a problem it didnt really "affect the economy" its all depends on the person your trading/selling to dont be a PRICE GOBLIN ALSO: maybe HH should be 1time every two weeks but have it all for a full 24hours
  5. pso is boring, when u have everything u need like niyuki the game is more boring. but whats the point of playing. not all players have everything they need for there main characters HH helps. maybe have it 1time a week
  6. <3 Choko meh i do have a big record... but am really chill
  7. welcom i am niyuki the perv of the forum, i can be both a really nice person and a complete ass it depends on my mood. you can ask most of the players and they may say am a bad person, i just say it how it is! i have about 1200+ hours of just sitting in the pso lobby. i get on the forums everyday to troll and talk. i spend most of my time ban and always seem to come back. i also help people randomly ingame, i dont help just anyone. i have to start a convo and see you fit as a friend not enemy
  8. some changed my post
  9. by my friend i will love u
  10. welcom i am niyuki the perv of the forum, i love your profile pic AZUSA NAKANO i will add you as a friend nao ;~;
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