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  1. I got a some 80hit 90dark PR if you're interested.

  2. Kamui L&K38 (bring chain back T_T) Zanba Dual bird (atp)
  3. wow kaje is a mod now, that's crazy in itself lmao, where can I see pictures of these new weapons?
  4. lol shade never plays any other game but league for any time over 2 months.
  5. I just wanted to make this post to see if anyone i played with back in the day are still around. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 for about 2 years now and have been going pretty hard core, but i need a break and wanted to come to more of a relax game like this one. I love this game still and want to get back into it in a more serious aspect than a casual one (since schooling for me is over for about 2 months, so why not~) ------------ LARRRRRGAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOO
  6. i have 10 of my friends wanting to play 2 got in . and the other 8 cant download it because they are running on Mac desktops and say they arn't able to download the game so i was just wondering if there is one or if there can be one EDIT: Since no one likes to answer me i made a post they all just give me sarcastic respones.
  7. haha niko . I'm Largato ^^ Welcome the server , people just call me larg ;p If you ever need help , just ask!
  8. um first slot in my bank i can go check. It's a Saber lol just bland white saber .. tke it out ? xD
  9. yeah i even checked today to see if it might have been a delay bug where my whole bank bugged every thing is fine xD checked everyother character slot , everyone else fine so just minor error ^^ but date that happened 4/27/12 TIME . Unknown DC error was the error God equip ( even tho i didn't equip anything ?.. you can't equip PS's..) GC #42086932 <---- Lol thanks chuk ;P Slot 2. EDIT: Error was actually a (No.100) Could not find item to Deposit. Sorry bout that .
  10. SEE YA POP  <3
  11. Lol dizz u should know. I still don't trust common bank ever since that bug from when we were noobs im not stupid. I actually never used it in my whole pso career
  12. Ok well , i made a PS on my other account transfered it over to my other person, i already had 2 PS's on that person so this made three. Then when i stored it in bank i got DC'd and it came up with ???? x3 in my bank i left came back and it was gone i only have pics of the 2 PS in bank but i have pics of the third one with it only as a ???? tho. i dont think a roll back is needed since it's only one item ? and everything else is completely fine maybe just a gm to remake the 3 PS , Reason i know it's the photon spheres thats bugged, for one there not there anymore , 2 it's x3 of the item. here is pics.
  13. Well ozz. Me u and yuki.. The Three amigops... TRACK STARS NO D: </3 . hope our convo's on skype will continue. and uki don't leave me bitch. BUT EVEN I have been thinking of quitting and getting off for a while . Might be doing the same. I have learned well from you master oswald . Hope you , I , and Yuki can find another game to play . and No Fear , lol ur just mad at the world
  14. Thanks DERT SO MUCH <3 All good thanks mio for Re adding the hit ^^
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