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  1. So this is purely novelty? No in-game significance what so ever....? What has this server come to lol. (-) stats and a made up currency through real money. Server is now controlled by the person with the biggest pocket and not the person who puts countless hours into the game. What a nice time to come back to this place!!!
  2. As title says, pm me !
  3. I got a some 80hit 90dark PR if you're interested.

  4. Nagato

    B> Stuff

    Psycho Raven? Cent/Powers HYLIAN SHIELD Sonic Team Armor :^) Ultima Reaper ASTERON STRIKER (No clue if anyone has any of this in the game just came back from a long break, but checked out the item list and saw all of these so definitely willing to get my hands on them if they are out there!)
  5. Nagato


    What's a LINDCRAY? New?
  6. Kamui L&K38 (bring chain back T_T) Zanba Dual bird (atp)
  7. You say the economy is weird now lol? There is no economy, everyone has everything it's ashame. You should of seen it when i first started, it was hard as fuck to even get a Cannon Rouge. Now everyone is running around with DM/DF high hits. No offense but i don't see him selling this at all unless he gets a lot of stuff that he already has that might be equivalent to what he see's it is worth. Just saying it how i see it, i come back for a couple days i check all these tradelists all the same anymore. It's ashame ~ ~~~ RANT OVER!
  8. Mmm I would need chuk to re invite me, it appears I have been kicked or may have left before I quit last time? very unlikely but it might have happened.
  9. wow kaje is a mod now, that's crazy in itself lmao, where can I see pictures of these new weapons?
  10. lol shade never plays any other game but league for any time over 2 months.
  11. I just wanted to make this post to see if anyone i played with back in the day are still around. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 for about 2 years now and have been going pretty hard core, but i need a break and wanted to come to more of a relax game like this one. I love this game still and want to get back into it in a more serious aspect than a casual one (since schooling for me is over for about 2 months, so why not~) ------------ LARRRRRGAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOO
  12. I just want to say, that i'm back! And I'm going to attempt a Revival ^^
  13. i have 10 of my friends wanting to play 2 got in . and the other 8 cant download it because they are running on Mac desktops and say they arn't able to download the game so i was just wondering if there is one or if there can be one EDIT: Since no one likes to answer me i made a post they all just give me sarcastic respones.
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