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  1. Watch "God Bless America." Great plot.

  2. I wonder how many friends you have now .... My friends and I used to play Mario Kart. We used to have the "Mario Kart World Cup" to determine who was the best
  3. You could always use your divine titling power to make that his title, "Hero32: Brand Spanker".... "I wonder what he does with that Brand in his spare time.."
  4. Everything about my workplace is so Ghetto! Can't believe they call themselves professionals...

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      A lot of people post statuses like this , I don't think its a problem really. You don't have to reply to them if they don't concern/interest you.

    3. Akira_Mado


      +1 for Grimoire!

    4. Akira_Mado


      To simplify it, Angledust, I don't do that tumblr, twitter, or facebook shit. I decided this was the site I was going to interact on, so that's that.

  5. My life must be a huge joke for others. One bad thing after another. Almost makes me want to off myself.

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    2. Malxerz


      no you wrong

    3. MrHucast


      I understand the feeling man. I have lost my father and my grandma on the last 2 months.. and I also lost my sister a few years ago.. it has been a real pain in my chest since I loved my old man and my grandma was always there for me and I have no brothers but just my mom left... The worst is that I felt like if I could have done more for them in life, but now that they are gone its just like if I had an inmense hole in my heart that will never be filled. So I though about off myself, but the...

    4. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Relates. Its hard to find things to hold onto, but those things that do are very strong indeed. Don't give up like that.

  6. was reminded today that even when you give your best effort, it's sometimes not enough, and that people will gladly lie to you with a smile on their face when it' doesn't effect their job.

  7. I deal with dumb people and a-holes day-in and day-out (customers)... they don't even know how stupid and annoying they are. One day, when they go to heaven, they'll be waiting at the gates to be let in. and they'll be told "I'm sorry, I just can't let you in: God HATES dips**ts like you - fk off!" That will be their Karma.

    1. leezy


      My customer are rich m f***ers...add money to your mix of ppl is like double the problem..I got into a fight so much my company move me to a machine operator...

    2. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      Lol leezy one crazy mofo

  8. Thinks it's about time some other people started posting stuff in the Manga forum.

  9. Yes! I finally leveled up to Manga Professor! I knew all that grinding would pay off! ;)

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    2. Akira_Mado


      Awww :( why'd you hafta do that? Manga Professor was good

    3. Cyane


      but this is a whole new level !

    4. Akira_Mado


      http://i.imgur.com/Q3QAsD0.gif ... Nothing against manga or anime, but calling yourself an otaku isn't anything anyone should be proud of.
  10. US, Florida
  11. Interests?
  12. Hey, thur When I see your trooper avatar, I think of this
  13. Ooo, I used to play Guild Wars too, but got kind of tired of it. I got tired of everyone just trying to rush through the quests as fast as possible -- you can't do that, that ruins the story, it's no longer immersive. Anyway, had to have they reactivate my account since I had been gone for so long, and it looked like they gave me a Guild Wars 2 key --- I never tried to see if I was actually able to play GW 2 as well though.
  14. I wasn't insulting anyone. If you you feel insulted (also sometimes expressed as "if you can't take the heat"), feel free to leave -- I've already said that. I'm glad to be on your ignore list, I didn't want to be friends with such a whiny effeminate person anyway - I can't stand weak(minded) pussies who have no backbone. I will not be coming near you, (like I said, I don't like the feeble minded), however, I won't let you tell me who I can or can't be friendly with. It's pathetic to call someone a noob. Being in a game longer doesn't make anyone anything special. Everyone else is still welcome to interact with me.
  15. Gosh, don't be so butthurt. I already said in-lobby that your character looked like vash, then talked about him. You don't know what tirade means, so you shouldn't even be using that word. I literally said one sentence, don't lie, it makes me like you even less -- I can't stand liars, they're just PoS. Vash is a fictional character, don't be such a pussy, especially one that gets butthurt over fictional things, it's an opinion. If people think that Niki Minaj is a dumb bitch, and then you model your persona after her, you should be ready to accept criticism surrounding her, to get butthurt is simply stupid since you invited talk about her by modeling youself after her (that's self-inflicted). I have nothing more to say about it, I have nothing to prove to anyone, and I have nothing to justify to you. I'm not here to bow down or accommodate some Thought Police because some words or phrases offend them, I speak my mind. I'm not here to be friendly with everyone, if you read my intro you'd have seen that I'm only interested in people with the same interests. So if you're insulted by anything, you can just leave.