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  1. Interesting suggestions. Lots of weapons, boosts, techs, and re-modeling. They all sound like a good idea. Casino? Check out Lobby #11 thru #15 on an original PSO server. They have a Jukebox and a (sort of) slot machine in those lobbys. I don't know if we can port that functionality over, though. It seems that some of the features were lost when trying to set up this server from the original SEGA content. (I may be wrong. IDK)
  2. Hey guys, so I've been a LONG time member of Ultima, but it has been a while since I've played. I recently started up again and I can play the game with the normal launcher, PSOBB.exe, but when I attempt to launch with PSOBw.exe, the game crashes. I get a Windows 7/8 "Program has stopped responding. Windows will attempt to check for solution." screen, then the play window crashes and disappears completely. I would like to be able to launch the game in wide-screen, but will continue to play with the normal screen.
  3. I'm looking for Mother Garb or Mother Garb +. Anyone willing to help get one?
  4. "Cuz even the Stars, they burn. Some even fall to the Earth. And we've got a lot to learn, but I'm still looking up. No I won't give up."

  5. For some reason, all I hear right now is the clash of swords, and the struggle of the warriors that hold them...


  7. I build my desktop PC with hardware fail-safes, and my laptop's harddrive dies... #EPIC #FAIL

    1. Larva


      LOL hahha EPIC XD

  8. Agh... My computer wouldn't detect its main harddrives. The power to the drives is connected to an LED fan that I wasn't even paying attent…

  9. To those trying to message me on FB. I'm having problems with my computer freezing up whenever I get a message. Please don't message me until I get it fixed.... #AngryNerd

  10. Ugh. I feel like an elephant sat on my legs...

  11. So, I'm going slightly MAD!!! Facebook says I have a new message, but I can't find it... Please don't let me go off the deep end. I've been there before, and I really don't like being insane... #confused

    1. birdman0


      itll go away after a bit. i had one for 2 days.

  12. Success! Another computer worked on and FIXED! #nerd

  13. Watching the original Star Trek Season 1 from 1966, remastered in 2006, and even after 46 years, it's still quite stunning... #Trekkie

  14. Haha! I almost expected you to +Rep me for uploading the 2.7 installer.... Oh, well... P.S. Can't wait to see the new features, including the slot-switcher.
  15. Just went back to test the download. It works, but it downloads in two parts. You'll have to download the file merger (And they give you the link to it) to merge the files. Edit: Too lazy to go to Google Translate at 4 AM for Espanol
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