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  1. Bug de LAME

    well i dont get :S btw this happened to me 2 times
  2. Bug de LAME

    Bueno pues xD ya habia completado las kills de mi lame, me aperecio la opcion de use (la cual significa que ya se puede transformar en excal xD) y se transformo en excalibur pero aparecio un mensaje que decia "not enough kills to unseal" pense que era algo normal, entonces salgo del juego y cuando volvi a entrar era lame otra vez pero que con diferencia a que tenia menos kills, (2317) y sin la opcion de use; la tire al suelo varias veces para ver si se arreglaba pero no funcionaba. tengo fotos para comprobar lo dicho espero y me ayuden. saludos :3
  3. Mille Marteaux Lost Hit

    title says it all my mm lost hit here are some pics
  4. bugged weapon

    Hi i woke up this morning and saw this time occurred: idk is been more than a week that i dont play with this character gc: 42016987 slot: 4 thank you
  5. This is goodbye

    u.u goodbye tensa dont worry u will always be sub human
  6. Lost My New L&K38 COMBAT

    well this morning i traded my double cannon 35hit and a cent ability for lk38. i was playing around with it and when i tried to unequip it a little message appeared and said "couldn't find item to unequip" (or something like that).then i got disconnected. when i logged in a item named ????? appeared instead of the lk 38. here are some pictures i took before accident:
  7. u.u well i had a de rol le shield and a amplifer of shifta... but that amplifer transformed in to a Amplifer of Megi (boost effective range of shifta and deband)i dont know why its was transformed. so i was doing a RT and got disconnected. after i logged in my surprise was that my de rol le shield and the amplifer of megi where gone!!!! and they where both turned in to a megistrade merge. thats pretty rare o.O
  8. Exp event maybe?

    yeah laarva do a exp X6 event cause im gonna lose 11 hours of gameplay and 35 lvls so, i beg u to do that please PLEASEE dont make a exp X5 for 1 day MAKE IT A EXP X6 FOR 2 DAYS
  9. i need ur help as flatmen :(

  10. All my items lost except the ones in my bank

    i had the same problem but that was in my common bank, every item there said ?????, but then i did what u did /debug and every single item was gone!!!! i tried to get them back but it was imposible, so i dont think u can get them back sorry :s Brayan95