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  1. wake up and come back to ultima :D

  2. Full Lvl 200 Account! Woot!

  3. :O

    Looks a little Fishy.... Missing dark % to?
  4. l&K lost hit%

    lol.. not anymore. after this happen i am paying someone to do for me...
  5. Bug de drop en Psycho wand?

    i have same Issue. I gave up though...i agree drop is not working or something..
  6. Snow Queen Lost hit%

    nah.. i sure wouldnt use a ramar to unseal anything...
  7. Snow Queen Lost hit%

    Just noticed today my snowqueen lost its hit % Here is picture of original stats
  8. Oh yeah lots of hp mats from forest offensive. cause ive gotten lots... and thanxs for the rest
  9. This for those people who are curious as to what drops at the ends! Forest Offensive Bonus room -Ultimate- Solferino Hp Mat Tp Mat FriendShip ring Mines Offensive: 4 boxes at end -Ultimate- Kasami Bracer Limiter Rika's Claw Red Sword Master Raven Earth Wand: Brownie Girasol Last Swan -Vhard- Attribute Wall Lollipop Tension Blatser Flameberg -Hard- DB's Armor Anti Android rifle Crazy Tune Samba Maracas -Normal- Photon drop Twin Brand Ice Staff:Dagon L&K14 Combat
  10. Kondriu Drop

    interesting.. yeah we all fought boss at same time. no one dc'd or nothing
  11. So had a interesting experience today.. hunting limiter from Kondriu, Redria Ultimate Id. done it several times and got limtier's before. 3-4 of them, But tonight it had dropped Cent/ability. just curious if drop has changed or if this is a error. P.s. we had 2 Purplenum's, Viridia and the redria(room creator) Mabe some how the room id changed? or drop has been changed?