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  1. wake up and come back to ultima :D

  2. Full Lvl 200 Account! Woot!

  3. Oh yeah lots of hp mats from forest offensive. cause ive gotten lots... and thanxs for the rest
  4. This for those people who are curious as to what drops at the ends! Forest Offensive Bonus room -Ultimate- Solferino Hp Mat Tp Mat FriendShip ring Mines Offensive: 4 boxes at end -Ultimate- Kasami Bracer Limiter Rika's Claw Red Sword Master Raven Earth Wand: Brownie Girasol Last Swan -Vhard- Attribute Wall Lollipop Tension Blatser Flameberg -Hard- DB's Armor Anti Android rifle Crazy Tune Samba Maracas -Normal- Photon drop Twin Brand Ice Staff:Dagon L&K14 Combat
  5. interesting.. yeah we all fought boss at same time. no one dc'd or nothing
  6. So had a interesting experience today.. hunting limiter from Kondriu, Redria Ultimate Id. done it several times and got limtier's before. 3-4 of them, But tonight it had dropped Cent/ability. just curious if drop has changed or if this is a error. P.s. we had 2 Purplenum's, Viridia and the redria(room creator) Mabe some how the room id changed? or drop has been changed?
  7. wth? u cant leave us p.s. and ur right will have to find new council/leader but as removing u from team. NO u may want to come and stop by and say hi every now and then. who knows. if u dont ill bug the hell out of u on facebook =P
  8. If your looking for a team. Sub_humans would be glad to have you.
  9. I think u got dates wrong to larva? those are 1 week and 1 year ago. 8-07-2010 - 8-14-2010? edit: oh this post from last year. ur just using it for this year..
  10. Me ans ServerUs where talking about this one day. and He said Drop was changed to like 1/405 and Pwand purplenum is 1/605? Prolly due to the fact we have more rare enemies here..
  11. 200 #3 Hucast. woot!

  12. but as said before. everyones limiter are unsealing at 20k except the bugged ones. =P