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  1. I remember the FIRST day I got on the server someone helped me out and gave me a bunch of free stuff to get me going, looking back the gear is actually worthless but it still helped me out a ton to start leveling up and all that, and it meant a ton! Unfortunately I don't remember who helped me back then but ever since then I knew that this community was something special, after all you've got to love the game if you're still playing an mmo that is almost twenty years old!
  2. So this started happening a few days ago after I installed a new graphics card onto my pc, my shortcut for the psobb launcher would stop working (says it was moved or changed, then later on just wouldn't work at all) so then I re-downloaded the launcher and it says that there is a virus detected in it, didn't think too much of it so i tried uninstalling everything pso related on my pc and getting a fresh download on there, it worked temporarily but when I came back to play today I had the same problem as before. I know that there aren't any viruses or anything of the sort because i've been playing for a good while and these problems only just started happening. Any help would be appreciated!^^
  3. Holy cow its been a minute. Going to try to get back into Ultima, if anyone wants to play please hmu^^

    Note that I haven't played for over a year haha

  4. Thanks for all of the trades Sabrina, hope nothing but the best for you!!
  5. B> Ultima Reaper w/ hit and v502

    pm me :)

  6. B> Dark Meteor, Dark Flow, Crimson Sword, Ultima Reaper, Excalibur, v502, luck mats.

    Have dts and pds, please pm me! :)

    1. scorch2112


      stats on weapons preferably :)

    2. R-78


      What is your offer for a DF 100/0/100/0/80 ?

    3. scorch2112
  7. I can walk for 10 minutes and be in Utah : P but dude thats dope
  8. Dude! I'm 2 hours away from SLC in idaho...its a small world haha
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