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  1. B> DM with hit or PGF with dts

  2. B> DM 50 hit and yas 9k with hit

    1. sunfire285


      charge yas 9k*

    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i have 45 hit charge yask9

  3. welcome to the server! Redria is the king of finding add slots and other good stuff in ep 4 im sure, im sure you'll have a blast online
  4. Hello, my name is turtle, I've come back after not playing for 3 years, look forward to playing with some people
  5. i just looked through all my characters and found all my important items so i guess those bugged items werent really anything important so i guess this topic doesnt really matter anymore
  6. im pretty sure one of the items was a guld milla and i really cant be asked to drop that
  7. I recently came back into the server and i found 2 bugged items on my character penguin http://s715.photobuc...buggeditems.png GC:42086459 Slot:4 i was wondering if i could get a rollback or something to get this fixed cause i dont know when this happened or even what the items are, thank you
  8. i agree with shion kinda, like ppl who are new to the game and a high lvl joins and starts killing everything, the new guy is most likely not having fun cause he cant and isnt doing anything, sure some ppl might like it when a high lvl joins and can power lvl them but it kinda takes the experience you get as being a noob XD
  9. ok so i havent been playing much and i got on my account with the guildcard 42086549 slot 4 and i look in my common bank and i notice 2 items that are ??? items so i just do wat i normally do and i take them out of my bank and drop them, so a few hours later im playing and i happen to notice my guld milla is gone here is pic of said guld milla and stats http://s715.photobucket.com/albums/ww153/sunfire285/?action=view&current=pso1316119775.jpg i do not have proof of the ??? items because i get rid of them on a regular basis but i searched for an hour looking for my missing guld milla and im 99.99% sure it was one of those items.
  10. um posting the answers on here lets everyone else see it, so technically anyone who posts is sharing their answers, lolwat? come on free
  11. time is going by so slow for battlefield and modern warfare 3 GOD DAMNIT D:

    1. subbie


      build a time machine.

    2. sunfire285


      i only have a time machine that goes to the past not the future

  12. lol i find it funny how he doesnt wanna get scanned
  13. you are not asking to steal "another" wedding dress? are you saying you stole one before >_>
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