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  1. Hue

    1. Zeph


      *insert Kefka laugh*

  2. Get DUNKED!

    1. Nikosaur


      You are faaaar to obsessed with that video, bahaha

    2. Necrolust


      Nothing wrong with liking Yi <3

    3. OMEGA9988


      ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ กิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิ ก้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ ก็็็็็็...


  4. You shouldn't have to disable anything just to find things easier :/
  5. Yeah, I USED to have my contact info on my profile, but when I got banned they must have deleted it... Anyways, Look up infinite_orange on skype. I'm gonna get on LoL in a few.
  6. This game I had more fun with then any other. As you can see, me and my friend (Playing as Ryze) Dominated them. Ignore Annie, for he was wimpy loser. They raged a lot in game, I didn't have the time to secure success pics, but I can tell you they would have been good. As you can see I am using the Ultimate Master Yi build, and I Dunked many times in this game. Hee Haa Hee Haa Hee Haa.
  7. What was that? You must be tiny baby. Go back to super mareo.
  8. So, because I won't be playing PSO anymore, I needed to find something else to do. Thankfully, some friends recommended that I try out League Of Legends, or LoL. Needless to say, I love the game. And I have taken a liking to the amazing Master Yi. This video will show you how awesome Master Yi is, and why he is my favorite character. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hPU9Ru1ftw&feature=related There is no other character that can beat Yi. He is the best. If you ever feel like getting Dunked, look for Infinite Orange. Hee Haa Hee Haa Hee Haa.
  9. Why not just add an advanced Search function to it? Choose what Type of item you are looking for (Weapon, Shield, Armor, Slot), what Episode it drops from, and then Difficulty if you already know which one it is on.
  10. Well, peace out everyone xD
  11. TRACK STARS has more members then both those teams, and are always ACTIVE.
  12. Don't worry, I have a new place to go. A....much....nicer...place....
  13. Wait....Tank hacked T.J's account?.....I'm so confused...
  14. Another interesting person joins the mix. You wont see me ingame anymore (Quitting today >.<) But I will be stalking the forums like usual. I am the Sexy Rebel Outlaw of Ultima, and I'm very well known. Welcome to the strange community xD FIRST POST NOOBLORDS! P.S: All the Mods (Cept Choko, Larva, and Freedert) are butthurt and will edit your posts if you say anything that offends them. Also, Most people here are suck-ups, dont trust any of them. P.P.S: Yuki is awesome, dont listen to the complaining people who have nothing to say about him. P.P.P.S: Madmods?
  15. So, I'm not too sure if its because of my insane, and amazing, trolling of Tank, or if he just got sick of Ultima, but I believe that he has stopped playing, and this team is now gone. Indeed, he was a funny man, and easily trolled, but he must have moved on. To a better place? Who knows. I will miss the good times I have had with Tank, as will many others. Now I shall ask...will the Team still have this sub-forums open for them? Or will you remove them to make way for bigger and better teams? P.S: Knat, Leader of SralpmetDer, was cooler >.> P.P.S: If you are still alive somewhere out there Tank, post here so we can tro...err make sure you get to keep your Team Section.
  17. Jesus? Is that you speaking? Or is it just Tank again?
  18. I'll add my Steam Username to my profile, so we can chat anytime. Along with Skype. If you also want, I can PM my Phone # out. 3 people already have it lol. And, if you ask around, i've been thinking of quitting for quite a long time already xD Godric will miss out on trying to ban me like everyone else was doing
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