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  1. Ah, that worked. He reset it, and I was able to change my section id this time
  2. What do you mean? I assumed that this meant you set my section id to Skyly, but I'm seeing I'm a Yellowboze. Did you reset the wait timer?
  3. Nah, won't be a quest for that sort of thing. Adding specials to weapons didn't exist in Vanilla.
  4. No. I'm not sure you can even do that with DTs, but I'd guess yes. We had an event recently that added specials to weapons if you had an orange weapon of the same animation with the special you needed, but that is past, and it still costed 30 PDs.
  5. Hello, I tried using the /changesectionid Skyly command in the lobby. I typed it in twice, then waited a couple of seconds and typed it again. I changed blocks and noticed my section ID hadn't changed, so I typed it in two more times and a window appeared telling me to wait 3 months. I relogged, and my section ID was not changed. What happened?
  6. When I play side by side with my brother, we'll do things like have the monsters aggro onto the other person on our own screen. Ends up with nobody tanking; the mobs just slap the open air. Could you imagine PSO2 with DMC? lmao rip 12 man mpas
  7. Mind >/= Dex > Power Dex > Pow > Mind Not really possible through mag feeding unless you do something wonky like 98+ dex.
  8. Farm Master Raven until it drops with hit. I don't know if different episodes/difficulties gave different drop chances for %s. Also possible to add hit with DTs.
  9. I've seen it go for 20 PDs. It's an event item that can't obtained at the moment. Edit: If you need it in a hurry, offering 30 PDs will probably get people jumping to sell you their blue-black stone. "Two Kamui can be obtained by trading the following items in Claire's Deal 5 after defeating Shino: Book of Katana 1 Book of Katana 2 Book of Katana 3 Kamui ×2" I do not know if Claire's Deal 5 is working. http://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Claire's_Deal_5 Edit 2: This page (found by searching this thread) has some more details on T
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