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  1. What's the best way to fight Kondrieu to farm for Dragon Scale?
  2. So I'm semi-new (been playing on Ultima for about a month now) and upon hitting level 125 on my Hucaseal today I think it's time that I hunt some stuff. The first thing is Lame D'Argent for Excalibur*. Any Hunting Tips? Disclaimer*:The first on the list is actually Daylight Scar as it is my favorite weapon but that'll come with the excal hunt
  3. Sometimes I accidentally press my moon button too many times and use at least 2 on one revival
  4. I find it when people use flow a major inconvenience lol. Everyone is basically not allowed to resta just cause of one person and then ofc you can't see shit if you're close combat lol.
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