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  1. s>iron faust 30/100/0/0/50

  2. b>1x halo soul s>iron faust 30/100/0/0/50

  3. b> arms x/x/0/0/x or 0/x/0/x/x   triple 50% 

    1. radezz


      cg man ^^

    2. silv



  4. S>pow, mind, hp mat, pc, 7luck mat

  5. Vai ter quests traduzidas ou é apenas isso? :s
  6. 222
  7. 29
  8. Ni pa ramarl </3
  9. Schthack <3
  10. Why not? Ultima isn't a international server?
  11. i've nvidia shield controller and 360 xbox i play without problems