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Status Updates posted by Larva

  1. Larva

    happy late birthday !! hope was a great day.

    1. Colt


      It was great! Thank you for your well wishes, and a great server!

  2. Happy birthday Man, Hope everything going good with you. Wish you many years more. Thanks for been member of this crazy community!!.

    have fun and enjoy your day!  ahoooyyyy!!  :onion117:

    1. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      Thank you very much @Larva, I'm really happy to see this message coming from you 😁 I know we have had some disagreements over the last few weeks but I wish the best for Ultima, take good care of it!

    2. Larva


      Hey man friends always get disagreements. :D

    3. RocketTots


      Happy belated...err...boiola'd? birthday!

  3. Happy Late Birthday Cyan it's been a long time since i talked to you, I really hope everything it's been going good in your life. And also I hope you know you can count on my with wherever i can help!

    have fun in life! be strong!

    1. Emewn


      Happy Birthday! :D 

  4. Testing Status update Widget.!

    1. nnorton44


      Android widget?

  5. Advance status update has been disable, therefore some features too.

    1. flowgm



    2. Heather Siren Tide

      Heather Siren Tide

      hey Jesus 


       summer event on july 17

  6. Happy Birthday Man ! enjoy your day

  7. Forum Maintenance will be held Tonight @ 10pm PST will take about 1 hour to compleate.

    1. duja1001


      New stuff?

    2. Larva


      well the new version of the forum does have some new features and some new stuff, but mainly is new technical things behind.

  8. Feliz Cumpleaños Comandante!! RR

    Te Mando saludos man! Que vengan muchos años mas! No olvides visitar y mandar un mensaje.

  9. So all year round Drop for PGF as of today. 1/300. Have fun

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    2. Virec


      Good one Larva :)

    3. Link1990


      Was this just April fools? Before I legit keep running RT 😂

    4. jezbuz


      @Link1990 yeah, april fools ahah anyways RT is fun, so you can run it anyways ahah.

  10. Easter it's so close, and so the birthday of my two baby princess XD. lets have a blast of event no?

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    2. Trigunman


      Congo-rats and Happy Easter Larva, me and my fraternal twin sis just celebrated ours as well, more birthday cheer to go around amigo! :onion-head11:

    3. yeyy


      My cousins and I are triplets and we're literally celebrating our birthdays as I type this :) rock on guys ^_^

    4. Kira5896



      I feel that this event will be great. :D

  11. Hoy al cine a very Broly!!!! :onion-head-hammer:

    1. leezy


      watching next week


  12. 10th Anniversary Event UP

    share the word :D


    1. bobshlibidich


      Hey @Larva the event is up. 

  13. share and like


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    2. Virec


      I was suprised to see how much stamina, this guy had and he kept going :) this is motivational :) 

    3. Larva


      that guy its me LOL XD:onion-head23:

    4. Virec


      Oh... OPPS :P Sorry buddy

  14. Tienes en tu firma la rola de Crisis Core, Buenos recuerdos con esa rola estuvo un buen tiempo en el lobby como main.

    1. Henry


      Asi es, así fue como conocí la canción y el juego en si XD!, Muy buenos recuerdos, Veré si se puede prender un poco la chispa de los viejos RedRibbons =D

  15. Forum it's not sending Emails, We are working on it. Thanks.

  16. so summer event part-2 or what?

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    2. drdingus


      whatever part two is sign me up! just noooo more epsilons <3

    3. Terrybriggs711


       Adding hit event = part2?

    4. Ana G.5

      Ana G.5

      Hylian event?


  17. Win a PS4 PRO or a Xbox One X, plus arcade stick


  18. Nintendo Switch giveaway


  19. Faster - Stronger - Forum migration (again) Complete. If you guys find any issue please let the staff know.


  20. Yesterday Morning i woke up regular as i always do. While i was tacking the shower i felt weird could not tell what was it until i start to wash my face.
    I couldn't move the right side of my face at my will. It fell so weird, never happened before.

    Short story when to Emergency's , diagnostic " Bell's palsy"  cause most of the times by stress.

    Guys I'm 31 years old i shouldn't have this kind of problems at my age. My life is been under a lot of stress lately its true.

    If your reading this, take care your self, sleep well eat better. and do some exercise. Yesterday I was really afraid of loosing more than just the half of my face. I have a family behind me that counts on me. You probably don't want to have a short life.

    really guys sleep well , eat and exercise that really make a difference.

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    2. Biza


      lamento escuchar eso bro espero te mejores pronto y animo tomate un relax tanto estres hace daño cuidate mucho que aun tienes mucho por delante y por tu bien y el de tu familia estas muy joven para dejarte caer bro animo.

    3. Sabrina


      i hope you feel better soon take care of your self 

    4. KuRtz


      larvy im sorry to hear that.. i love you.. get well.. u will be in my thoughts

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