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  1. happy bday Dank!!! come back and play soon bro

  2. you realize youre talking to a 35 population community. 20/30 isnt bad
  3. not sure if ive gotten them unlocked but msg me im down to play those
  4. well i have the issue of learned techs on my force those cant xfer sadly thats really my issue i dont even mind releveling the 100 levels but the techs. man i dunno if i can get those
  5. is it possible to transfer one character of mine to a fresh account? just one? or is that not possible. its a force with techs learned is why i ask and want to xfer instead of re leveling. because leveling isnt the problem its finding the techs lol
  6. is server down for maintenance it says 31 people online but i cant login after i just logged out. error 908
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