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  1. I apologize, I worded it horribly. At first I wrote "Launcher refuses to launch" but that sounded horribly so I quickly changed it to "open" (open the game) and mixed launcher/game. I am using vJoy in order to simulate the xbox 360 start button and get access to the alternate action palette. If you know a better way to simulate it on a keyboard or mouse, I'd appreciate it. Rewrote the first post to clarify the issue. The launcher starts, but if it's commanded to "Start Game", it just opens a black screen and the error message. Btw, could you please tell me why does the game crashes (w7) if the "User Account Control" window opens as it is running? Edit: It also happens if I Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Issue: Launcher refuses to >start the game< if vJoy is active. Description: When I click "Start Game" on the launcher, it opens a black screen and a popup with the following error message: The launcher can "start the game" if Vjoy is disabled. The launcher can also "start the game" if the file 'dinput8.dll' isn't on the program's folder. I found two clunky workaround solutions to this problem: Either disable Vjoy before "starting the game", then re-enable it once it's running. (Warning: while using win7, if a "User Account Control" window pops up while the game is running, the game will stop working for some reason). Or remove the file 'dinput8.dll' from the game folder in order to be able to start the game, then return it later. (But I'm not sure if this can cause other issues).
  3. The cons: weaker stats and minimal CC The pros: more dynamic experience, bigger challenge(!). HUmar and HUnewearl offer a more dynamic experience as they have to juggle FOrce and damage-dealing roles, along with having a bigger variety of weapons like Lindcray, demons, spirit (if you can actually hit with them). That glaring flaw of having no CC is part of the identity of HUmar and HUnewearl. But it's also part of their appeal: the challenge of being much less forgiving to play by having to handle packs without CC. You also have to deal with having worse stats than their android counterparts, but ohhh well you chose this classes completely aware of the challenge it implied.
  4. Disclaimer: I am not very knowledgeable nor experienced on this game, this post was done with help of the thread they linked below. The answer to whether it's worth to level a HUnewearl depends on what you want from them. This is a game, it is meant for your enjoyment. If you want a different experience and play around with melee demons, melee spirits or melee magicks, go ahead and raise a HUnewearl. If you only have fun with the fastest times at doing quests, then just keep playing HUcaseal and use the Elly skin If you call HUmar dumb, I'd call HUnewearl dumber. HUnewearl can use Lindcray and female gear, offers better team support in a party without forces and for solo she has Jellen and Zalure level 20 and slightly faster cast times and damage from slightly higher level techs, but she is worse in every other aspect. I am curious to see the top-end damage-focused HUnewearl gear, but it will probably end up with stuff that HUcast or HUcaseal can use as well.
  5. How do I get to see the entire room drops with detailed attributes and the detailed HP and name of every enemy in the room like this?
  6. Are MAGs with invulnerability trigger amazing? invincibility 30ish seconds [...] Is MAG invincibility absolute invulnerability? ------ Dreamcast mag has 70% reverser trigger ratio :0 Very cool, isn't it? ------ MAG list on PSO ultima and their triggers: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/items&type=3
  7. How to get power/mind materials? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/drop-tables/ - ---------------------------------------------------------- When it comes to min/maxing, is chugging all HP materials possible a wise decision? So 1550-1600 is generally speaking a sweet spot? You can backtrack your material usage. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/
  8. Are excalibur, S-Red's Blade, Macho Blade farmable? If that's the case, where? (and maybe when I guess)
  9. I logged into a redria character, joined with a whitill, then logged off with redria. So when the leader leaves, the next player to become leader is the one that decides the new location ID immediately?
  10. Where can I get addslots? I tried redria on normal VR Temple red flowers and blue monkeys but they don't drop them >.> (they drop resis Flame) http://www.pso-world.com/items.php?artid=618&op=viewarticle are drop tables different here on ultima? I can't find addslots drop rates.
  11. Where do I find these missions? 5-1:Test/VR Temple 1 5-2:Test/VR Temple 2 5-3:Test/VR Temple 3 5-4:Test/VR Temple 4 5-5:Test/VR Temple 5 6-1:Test/Spaceship 1 6-2:Test/Spaceship 2 6-3:Test/Spaceship 3 6-4:Test/Spaceship 4 6-5:Test/Spaceship 5 7-1:From the Past 7-2:Seeking Clues 7-3:Silent Beach 7-4:Central Control 7-5:Isle of Mutants 8-1:Below the Waves 8-2:Desire's End 8-3:Purple Lamplight There seems to be no governor in episode 2.
  12. Instructions unclear, got stuck in a booma pack. Thank you, this is the kind of answer that I was expecting.
  13. I kinda really wanted to have the option to support too, so I'm looking towards FOmarl. But I'll give HUcast a go because I'm curious about traps and I want a taste of that power.
  14. Playing a melee already feels more challenging or handicapping yourself. Now, playing a melee that doesn't even get the bonuses others melee get... it feels like playing crippled. Even using shifta + zalure and hunter weapons I feel like I'm struggling, not to mention that many times it feels more efficient to just pick off enemies one by one with a pistol, barring the fact that it's way comfier. Now, I know that generalists should suck by design when it comes to min-maxing unless the game offers you a way to specialize to not overshadow everything or that they should pay in some way, but I think RAmarl would have given me a much smoother gameplay experience for the "generalist class", or even a FOmarl (which also seem to have great melee potential, despite having access to max level in all techs). Of course, I have very basic gear, but I just can't see the place of a HUnewearl. They are very far from the base power of other HUnters. Her utility in a team gets cut to like 20% or less when there is another FOrce on a team, so then she plays like a crippled HUnter that may be able to sneak some clutch tech here and there. Yet she is considered better than a HUmarl despite her base stat differences. This is not a great feat considering casts get MUCH more DAMAGE and TRAPS, but still HUmar has massive attack damage and is considered worse than HUnewearl. What is this mighty equipment that allows her to overcome her pathetic stat deficits and be more useful compared to the HUmar? Should I reroll and raise another character and never come back to her again until I am rich to get uber gear? :'( Please tell me that I'm bad and that HUneweal rocks (preferably with an explanation on how to stop being bad).
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