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  1. Sorry, it was this that I was necroing the topic for, my bad. EDIT: Played some more PSO just fine at home. Tried again at work, still no100 error upon entering block 01 or entering a room in block 02 or 03. I'm thinking the solution would probably require admin credentials, alas. Still strange that it worked just fine the first time, though.
  2. Necroing this topic. I'm having the same issue. Now, granted this isnt _too_ important to me because I'm trying to play from work at the moment, but let me explain how this all went for me: Installed the game just fine, I dont have administrator credentials but for this it didnt matter. Game installed fresh and worked immediately no problem. Played through most of the Ruins-related government quests with my nephew, about 2-3 hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Shift was nearing its end and I decided theres no time to do a full clear of Ruins to finish the story, especially since I am often pausing in corridors to handle work-related stuff lol. So we called it and I quit the game. Then I was like 'well, I could idle and level my mag up for the last little bit, that doesn't require any focus.' So I tried to log in again, went fine, picked my character, picked Block 1 and then it immediately gave me the No100 connection error. Hm, okay... try block 2. It didnt boot me once I reached the lobby, tried to create a room and got the error again. Third time's a charm? Go to Block 3, created a room, its loading... and then the camera is facing the city skyline above Pioneer and its giving me the No100 error again. The weirdest part is all 3 blocks are very consistent and wind up with their own unique results like this every time. Tried a different character, same problem. Tried making a new character, results on each block are slightly different (I can progress a bit further in each) but error still occurs. Started game without launcher. Used update button on launcher. Used patch download in main menu. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nope. Uninstalled the game, went into the registry, and deleted anything related to 'ultima' or 'psobb' that I could find. Reinstalled game. Nope. Nothing changed in the 10 minutes between exiting the game after my session with my nephew and me starting up the game again to idly feed my mag. This was yesterday and I'm back in the office with the same issue, so I really doubt whatever is affecting the game is at least not my internet connection here - we went close to 3 hours without any hiccups, going in and out of rooms to start new government quests together. I saw this topic and how it was fixed without knowing really how and it seemed to be a registry issue. I'm not sure if I can run a registry cleanup of any kind on this computer but I can manually go through it. Can't run the app as administrator so I cant give you a crash dump. Just wondering if you might have figured out the root cause of this one since this topic was created. If I can't fix it its no big deal.
  3. Will try this when I get home. Also thanks for your work on all the other addons, I've been trying those too. Really was just expecting a nostalgic trip until I got bored but this is a new enough experience now for me I may yet be in it for the long haul. EDIT: Much better, thanks!
  4. Poked around just recently to play some PSO again, probably not here for a long time anyway but I found some addons by Echelon from another forum and everything worked just fine except for the custom font. The solution is to apparently choose 'custom' language option in the launcher - but I dont see any such option. Several searches later and I haven't found a solution so just wondering if anyone has an idea on what I can do to make this work. I'm not that experienced with all these mods but my basic understanding of it is the game is overwriting one of the files that governs the custom font every time I load the game. For reference, the thread was here: https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/echelons-skins-modifications.4357/ And the 'Modern Glass HUD and Icons' addon works great with the only exception being the font. Is there a way to make the Ultima launcher not replace any files on start or any other workaround for this? Thanks
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