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  1. That's what am looking, you got me
  2. Looking to get LoL RP or a LoL account with good skins Shoot me a PM if interested.
  3. vCiuss Guarro donde andabas!! No sé si te acuerdes de mi, soy ITACHI o darkwinte, me gustaría que volviesemos a jugar otra vez, si es así, manda pm
  4. I would like to see you back again buddy, but, What did you do to get that punish?
  5. No hay de que disculparse, dónde te puedo ver?
  6. Bro te recomiendo que publiques el precio en el que lo quieres vender, ejemplo: I'd like to sell this D- Photon Core for 25 dts or an equivalent in pds. Ah y no escribas todo en mayúsculas pues se puede entender como si estuvieras expresando un grito, solo un consejo ^^
  7. Hola, estoy interesado en unirme a la familia Helghast, ¿Se podrá?
  8. Happy birth day buddy!

    I hope you enjoy it a lot ^^

  9. Sad to see that man, I wish we could play again but maybe it's not possible as how things are at the moment, I would like to say that I appreciate you and you're a great friend, best luck for you buddy
  10. Looking to sell these: ~Rambling May [5/0/0/100|50] - SOLD ~Ganondorf Shield - 20 dt ~Anti-Dark Ring - 10 dt ~FROZEN BOOSTER idk
  11. No worries, would you take 50 pds instead of 30? ^^
  12. Hi ^^, Price on this one? Serene Swan [25/20/0/15|0] [Untekked
  13. I offer 2 ps for arrest booster
  14. Looking for: TypeSH/SHOT 80h Hell & Demon Yasm9k Demon & Charge 80h I can pay with ps or dts. If you have all i offer 200 dts for the entire set, pm me if you interesed
  15. I'll take the frozen booster, u take PDS? 40 exactly
  16. Looking for one of those, paying very well for them if they have good stats, pm me if interesed.
  17. Paying 100 dts for a chargue 0/0/100/100|80 ten years blade
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