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  1. Si lo juegas en pantalla completa y haces alt tab se cierra, intenta ver si poniendolo en ventana virtual se fixea xd
  2. it works for me, lmk when yo go on 🤙
  3. yeah i was trying get some rappy souls but i see it as not worth cuz the zalure and jellen range helps alot when im playing with my ramarl alone 😗
  4. i can give it for free but let me finish rt
  5. i have one 40 native do you want it? :s
  6. want that bringers rifle :d
  7. can i get the purple agastya for 16pds? 😄 oh i just realized its on scht haha mb
  8. Buenas vCius aqui otra ves, tratando de jugar de nuevo jajaja . . . XD Mas que nada para ver si habia alguien de ahi de antes con los que jugaba :')
  9. T>DF 0/100/0/100|80 for DM, i want play with RA again Dx

    1. Samy Senju

      Samy Senju

      Ah pero estabas feliz con tu DF

  10. I like trains.

    1. McLaughlin86


      *gets hit by train*

    2. Scout pso

      Scout pso

      I like turtles :3

    3. MadOrNah
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