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  1. T> Max TJS Set + Hell Shot 80h + x4 Post for Pyscho Bridge

    B> Glide Divine 15pds 

    Edited by Jeffk1023
    1. HHawk4


      I could sell you a v.00

  2. AYY Rdizzy load my acc find this guy n give him a glide / mag / techs and w/e I got for mind mats for a little boost
  3. If you're online tonight I can help you with a few things :)I'll be on in 9 hrs. 9:15 am currently
  4. T> Max TJS Set + 100-100-0-0-80 TJS

    For PGF / DM

    T> Max IF Set + 100-100-0-0-80 TJS for PGF / DM

  5. Thinking about selling my dm


    Make me an offer?

    1. mudkipzjm


      I'll offer a 0/100/0/100|80 dm, fair enough?

    2. Starlord


      Do It man. YOLO

    3. JL3


       sonic team armor centurion battle  yasmikon 9000 70 hit demon and iron faust 30 90 0 0 60


  6. I agree. 1/341 ??? Why??
  7. T>DF 0/0/50/50/70 for DM 0/50/0/50/50-70(if 50 add 15 dts) 

  8. Merry Christmas Ultima <3 Hope everyone has a great day!

  9. T>

    Max Lindcray Set

     Max TJS

     Crim Sword 0/95/0/90/40

     UR 0/60/60/0/80

    Type SW/Sword 0/0/0/0/60 Charge Spec

    for DM / PGF / DF

    Edited by Jeffk1023
  10. Fug u that is all. :^)

    1. RDizzy




  11. S>

    Lindcray 100/100/0/0/80

    Lindcray 0/0/100/100/80  

    TJS 100/100/0/0/80 

    Type SW/Sword 0/0/0/0/60 Charge Spec

    Looking for PGF / DF / Dts

    Do thy offerings.


    Edited by Jeffk1023
  12. B> 110 HP Mats

    Edited by Jeffk1023
    1. shong


      I believe I have Shifta, Deband and Zalure I can sell you for 2 PDs each. Might also have a few HP mats I can sell 5:1, PM me if you wanna meet up to trade