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    MecaZora, Zeldya, Impah, DAR1-IA, G-4NON3, LT.Tingle, MissNayru
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    I'm not Parisian !
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    Role playing, drawing, cooking, chating. Repeat.

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  1. Nub <3

    1. Zeldya


      Hello my nubby ❤️

  2. Oo I found a centurion/legs ep4 redria. Can't confirmed the mob.
  3. my bf kafei

    1. Zeldya


       Kafei the HUmar ? Long time no see him !

  4. MU5 : 4 gibbles in the 1st room, 24 in the whole quest.
  5. Soul booster REDRIA on Gibbles / ultimate EP2 confirmed.
  6. Wedding dress confirmed - ep2 Ultimate - Epsilon - Whitill
  7. Zeldya


    Yeah, it was Ulquiorra time.
  8. Zeldya


    Some PSOBB fanarts. No more Sweetie Boometta : Evolveon : Mechazora, ten years ago : Evolver & Impah (+18 content : Explicit Machines)
  9. Zeldya has found a new friend. Beware the female booma !


  10. Name : MecaZora Hashwalt Age : Android has no age, creator is 26 Preferred contact method : IG, Discord... you're lucky if I read your message there. Hobbies : Jugram <3 but creator prefers drawing, taking photos, cooking, Legend of Zelda and playing with me :3 Picture of creator (don't tell her ! ) : A little more about yourself : I'm a French Racaseal from NGC system. I like learning a lot and collecting some stuffs. I get married with Jugram this last February 14th and I want to eat everything in this planet :3 I like both of you, Pioneans ! <3
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