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  1. sorry for the late response, if you still need it lmk. done. let me know if you’re still interested. PM’ed yep. i still have em. let me know if you’re still interested.
  2. done. let me know when you’re on.
  3. shop update updated wants removed sold stuff added more stuff
  4. updated added PGF and Tension Blaster 0/0/0/0/45h for sale
  5. !bump removed sold items added a couple items updated wants
  6. updated selling STA for 100 dts (from 175 dts) Christmas sale!
  7. Lordwin

    Maple's shop

    I’ll take the 0/0/0/25/40h Dual Birds pls
  8. removed some sold stuff and added some stuff
  9. hey there! yeah those are still available. I’m online right now if you wanna do the trade now let me know
  10. added STA for sale and updated wants
  11. removed sold stuff and added some stuff
  12. added Sonicteam Armor for sale Updated wants
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