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  1. i have them for sale are you online right now?
  2. For a price, I’ll change my forum name to Lagwin too 😉 hey sure, ill be online in a few. my in game name is Lagwin
  3. bump removed stuff removed some wants added Red Sword 0/0/0/0/50h
  4. hey! i have some of these stuff. are you still online? i can hop on now
  5. bump removed and added a few stuff updated wants
  6. hello and sorry for the late reply, i sent you a PM for the price
  7. Bump added tons of Materials and some stuff added wants
  8. Bump added a few stuff added/changed wants
  9. hey there! sure np, ill let you know when im available for trade
  10. hey there! sure let me know when you are ready for the trade
  11. !bump added wants added and removed some stuff
  12. hey im interested in your centurion/arms and maybe centurion/luck. are these still available?
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