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  1. B < Cent Battle

    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      Hello! i sell one for 250 pd or 30 dts ^^

  2. is it that time of year already? time to brush the dust off and hop back in.

  3. at strip club in atlanta, great times ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kush


      nothing beats Jacksonville strip clubs.. Ive been around =)

    3. leezy


      Me and my wife role play ,I done fuck all my favorite female anime characters 

    4. MadOrNah
  4. Steven Rogers 2 Year Anniversary posted on behalf of Magi

    1. Kolective


      He's been around for two years. That means that when he comes back, he should have veteran status on the forums. Right?

  5. all these squares make a circle

    1. McLaughlin86


      A gallon of LSD.

    2. Evie


      It might be possible :P

  6. working on retexturing forest

    1. solo guy

      solo guy

      Oh nice : ) you doing hi res or a theme ? Just normal to v hard or ult aswell?There's some good Forrest skins out there looking forward to what you come up with : )

    2. nerdmastax


      high res, starting with the normal to vh, almost done with most of forest, just doing details here and there

    3. solo guy

      solo guy

      Cool : ) been wanting a hi res one for awhile but there isn't one that works on universpso : (

  7. wobble wobble wobble... he will be missed.
  8. you have an in game overlay software running, like raptr or steam. disable the in game overlay and your problem will be solved. i think you are using raptr here is specific instructions on how to turn that off... ignore the arrow uncheck the box at the top that says enable in game overlay
    1. kajex


      Not lindcray. </3

    2. nerdmastax
    3. Kolective


      He's probably trying to grind it. I'd be sitting like that too knowing my poor Lindcray is making Monica rich :/

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