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Steven Rogers 2 Year Anniversary


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The following post is done on behalf of Steven Rogers by his request.


Greetings from Silent Hill.  

2 years ago on 8/8/14, I was looking for an English version of PSO 2 but instead I found ultima.  I had played PSO when it first came out for dreamcast.  I still have it around here somewhere.  I met some people and done some things that made me want to stick around for a while.  SO lets take a trip down memory lane.  


So my first day here, I met Nel.  This guy taught me a few ends and outs of the game.  He taught me the basics and that was awesome.  I wish I had more people like him to teach me stuff while first playing an online game.  He could probably still teach me a bunch of things today.  He gave me some spells and that is awesome.  Dude if you ever need backup in a bar fight then look my way.  

Next person I met was a woman from my part of Kentucky.  I am not saying her name.  I just found that so odd that I go online to people and I find someone from my part of the world.  Just know that she never shut up about her Guild master and that and she worked at McDonald's.  

Next we have Jamie M.  She made me the coolest mag.  I use it today still when I play using my Knuckles.  I hope she did get to become a teacher like she wanted.  

Next we have Samich.   We are going to skip him.  Why, because I still a bad guy.  If you don't get that then read my post in the PRO section about being a bad guy.  

Next comes Saith and Nero.  What can I say about these two.  I am sticking you both in a steel cage and after you 2 fight it out, then I am taking you both out to a truck stop that I know of that has a 24 hour buffet and I will even pick up the tab. If I had not met you 2 guys, I would have quit a long time ago. You 2 made the game a bit more interesting.  Thank both of you for being walking PSO encyclopedias when I needed it. Saith helped me do the entire episode 4 story.  Nero, I would still be online talking to him right now if life had not intervened.  Nero is the man.  So many pizzas.  So many jokes.  He would be delivering pizza to someone's door and I would be on teamspeak and do my best to get him to bust out laughing at the customer.  I don't think it ever worked.  Saith, it was awesome hearing about your promotion.  It could not happen to a better person.  If you ever need muscle for anything then let me know.  

Next we have Jonas.  I would literately just set in his rooms and just talk or goof around.  He taught me some things about his culture that I found Interesting.  Being around you was a learning experience.  I am glad I was able to learn.  

Finally we have joining PRO.  I had been on some bad teams in the past.  I was not really looking for one but after I started hanging with these guys, that opinion changed.  I would still be here playing at times talking to you all but it seems life don't want it to be so right now.

There is some more people that I want to give shout outs to.  Ones from along the way.  Ones that I met while I was just passing threw.


Ah Chua -  I hope you learned to cook fish in an awesome way by now

Angeldust - Thank you for not trying to have me committed after reading some of my messages cause I am sure you though some was strange but thanks for helping me do my first CCA.

Mr. Breeze(beezeman) - Keep at it man and one day you might get to be a Mighty Duck

J Mac - Keep teaching that good and you will be made super intendent one day

The Judg - I still got those Power Mats for you man

Sylph777 -  Still no happiness on my end

Stark - Man for some odd reason, I always pictured you as emo.  I don't know why.  One day you will be Arrancar #1 one day

Aiden Pain - Bring the rain dude.  The big honky tonk storm.

Muffin and Flatman - Your never both in the same spot at the same time.  WHY!!!!

Faki - I hope you put the smackdown on Vince, Naboo, Bollo and Howard and found the FUNK

Yolkix and Kaori-Chan - Green Day is still awesome to this day.

Rodrigo and Ricardo - I still think your the same person

Armando - Go 90s Cowboys.  There will never be better teams ever.  EVER!!!

TriGunner - Need another Cyborg 009 marathon

Makaveli - You need to listen to more Everclear

Patrick Bell - Dude it sucks that Kimbo is gone but we still got his son

Rudy -  Stop smoking with Willie Nelson

Colorado - Dude I hope you got help with your Ariana Obsession.   One day at a time Dude.

Kush - Soly - Maya - Larva - Dwalt - Soge - Kitty - Flameing - Sin and the others from teamspeak and mumble.  Big props from Silent Hill.  If you ever need a monster then play my siren.  

Baby Boo - There is one form of you in every one of my lifetimes and that's all there is to it.  The first one was Quatre Raberba Winner.  The second was Dolly.  The third was Drea.  The forth was Dakota and you was the 5th.  I don't expect you to get this.  I guess I can say that I have met the same person in 5 different games.  

Spot - Thanks for all the late night RT runs.  You helped me get most of the levels for my Human Force.  I think its human.  Its the one that don't regen Mp but I always used the Knuckles skin.  I hope you got into ole miss or Mississippi state or at least one of the SEC schools.  Ah crud I can't remember which one but you must have said it like 30 times that I can remember.   You always had the interesting playlist in the ultima DJ room.  If you ever release an Ariana cover album then I will be first in line at the store to get an Itunes card so I can get it.  

Finally we have Cyane.  I hope you found the elusive Job that you was always looking for.  If not then I got so much work here for you on the farm.  As a rookie farmer, we can start with you shoveling out the cow barn.  Then you can muck muck out the horse stalls.  You can spread fertilizer over the back 40 so we can get 2 cuts of hey out of it next year.  The final thing that farm rookies get to do is go to the pig barn and help make sausage.  Making sausage is fun.  You all should look into how its made.

So that is about it.  If I have missed anyone then deal with it.  There is a few of you that I want to forget so bad but I can't.  Like the blonde who liked to chew the apple pie gum.  That's just wrong.  Apple pie is not a gum.  Its a pie.  I hope that I made an impact on you.  I hope that one day, I figure out the alpha female is Spot or Cyane.  I don't know how but you never know.  SO I know how I am going to end this SO.  

Dear PSO Ultima Players.  

I took my name my forums name from a Superhero  I took my in game names from a Power Ranger and a character from a wrestling game that was made in 1993.  I took my forums title from Silent Hill.  The face that I set down and worked on this post for 2 hours means that I am melodramatic.  The fact is that if you have set here and read this then you are awesomesauce.  We see each other we want to see each other but in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we have found out is that each one of us all has a little superhero and a little power ranger and a little bit of video game character and a tad bit of pro wrestler and even some boogieman who believes in magic with a fair amount of  melodrama tossed in even if its only in our dreams.  

Sincerely yours
The king of all Magic

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6 hours ago, nerdmastax said:

 I hope that one day, I figure out the alpha female is Spot or Cyane.

just like steve i too wish to  one day figure this out

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Cyane is the most macho banana female ever lived in PSO

Edit: And yes I actually have the same issue with Rodrigo and Ricarlo  XD Its very interesting to see that I am not the only one lol.

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Thank you to all the admins and mods who helped me get my account back again.


Nero Thanks for posting this for me.

Mr Hucast I am glad that I am not the  only one with trouble with those 2. 

Killswitch I dont know your in game name. 


Hey if anyone reading this wants to know what I mean when I posted about them the ask here.  If you got buddys that I wrote about then mention this to them cause they might find this a good read. 

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