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  1. My advice is to use custom controls so that you are the most comfortable with them. In pad button config you can customize them.
  2. PSO2 is a pretty cool game. Very different from this one, though. More similar to something like WOW (with their obvious differences ofc). For me, the worst part of the game is that it's such a huge time investment and powercreep happens constantly, which feels super bad (this is what's importantly similar to WOW). Also, the structure of emergency quests can mess with your daily routine really hard, that's something I despised a lot as well (I played on the JP servers so it was even worse). What led me to quit tho was that after I got a Lightstream Dimension very early (getting this wp was crazy hard) I just got burnout and when I returned after a few months and saw that all my equipment was powercrept I felt like that was enough (had close to 600 hours played when this happened btw, lol).
  3. Ok, now that I was able to check the thing (sorry before, it was my fault. I didn't notice the skin color 2 part) I've gotta say that the arms look pretty weird and unnatural, you need to work on them a bit, if possible. The other skin looks better.
  4. Prima facie they look very good, cgs! (This, and the other one you made). Sadly, being forced into pixel art by the forum doesn't let you appreciate the skin well. Moreover, when I tried to check on them they didn't work. For instance, in this one I can only see the trousers. Anyway, I checked a bit the file with texturemanager and it seems that you don't save in higher res. This is a little trick that @Guido Palau taught me. Instead of saving in 32x32 - 64x64 or whatever, try to double or x4 the res, (e.g., if you start with 128x128, try 256x256 or 512x512; like that, the skins look more "HDish"). PS. "Moreover, when I tried to check on them they didn't work. For instance, in this one I can only see the trousers." If more people find this issue while trying to use your skins you might wanna check into what's causing the problem.
  5. Hmm. I can think of a few reasons; however, given the info I'm not really sure what could be causing the issue. Are you using any kind of skin for weapons, particles or something of the sort? This could make you crash if not correctly used. Other things that come to mind: - Conflicts with antivirus. - Some kind of driver or software not correctly updated conflicting with the game. - Something that pops up and closes the game but that you are not aware of. (PS. Provided it's some issue caused by the game itself, I recommend reinstalling just in case)
  6. Pretty weird this wasn't reported yet but Delde - White - Ult - C/tech
  7. Yeah you're either kicked out of the server by your poor connection or by that feature, which cannot be disabled by the way.
  8. la noche me confunde

    1. Kotta


      Más bien tienes la noche harta de tus loqueras y se la está desquitando contigo con más loquera è_é :onion-head69:


    2. serverus


      la sanoches y los dias son confusos cuando uno vive solo a si q no te confundas mas y vamos a dormir a si pegaditos xd


  9. Wait a lil' second... Is there any possible (serious) Hunew build where you don't use Lindcray?!
  10. You should ask yourself whether you enjoy more HU or RA gameplay. Personally, I get tired of playing the same shit over and over again, so I like swapping between HU RA and FO constantly. RA needs a bit less stuff to get working (and hit in wps is less mandatory) and it's easier and safer to play, but it's way more boring (imo, ofc). Anyway, to the point. You should raise both, no particular priority; since each class covers different niches/options/complements teams in different ways, it's important to have access to a decent geared HU, RA and Fo at least, imo (to be able to meet the necessities of your team at the time). If you are deciding about priority, the only issue you could have is this: you only have one (or in the future you will only have one) PGF as of yet and you have to decide whether to make DF or DM. DF is harder to use, but it's more rewarding. Since you are asking this, I'd go with -go for RA which is more "noob friendly"- (playing HU can be a bit frustrating at times, since you are very likely to die a lot when using DF if you don't know the quests very well) but as I said before, you should be focusing on enjoying the game above all. (If you already have a DM and a DF, then you don't need to prioritize anything, just take some time to CCA your chars to lvl 200.) A little caveat tho. If you plan on spamming TTF during non-events (something I find extremely boring, but which is nice to farm RRs), HUnew is the superior choice.
  11. Mille has good dps at least (also you don't rely on hitting with the special as with a charge Yam 9000). I don't see Serene being good in a ranger in any possible situation in which you could be doing more with a Yas 9000, specially taking into account that rangers who can equip Mille have some of the lowest atps in the game, which in turn makes Serene a DMC machine. TL;DR : Don't EVER use serene on a female ranger, PLEASE.
  12. Happy New Year! (175), thanks to Serverus, nyar, rawr, love u bb 💗
  13. Oran - Deldepth - C/Tech - Ult
  14. It's a decentish option if you're lacking on certain armament, since due to @R-78 making some events around it, it wasn't too hard to upgrade to good stats + a good special. What I mean, more specifically, is that it can cover certain niches if you're lacking on optimal weapons, but that's about it. Personally, I'd never focus on farming it or anything like that. Regarding your previous question btw, I don't think you can.
  15. A bit of advice if you don't mind. Cent/Ability isn't worth 12 pds. It's a meh unit that doesn't fit in many standard builds and that it's easy to get. Something around 3-7 pds is probably more reasonable. Smartlink is pretty staple for HUs and FOs so you could sell them a bit more expensive. On another note, I'd like ur divi protection ty!
  16. Morfos - Blue - Ult - Non event: TP Revival Girtabulu - Blue - Ult - Non event: Mother Garb +
  17. Blue - EP4 - ULT: Merissa (the non-rare) : Non-Event Zu : Non-Event Pazu: Non-Event
  18. C tech on deldepth RED ULT as well
  19. Ult - Crim. Assassin - EP1- Serene on BLUE
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