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    chicago homie!
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    i am a seeker of knowledge. so in essence, im pretty much a dork. I love anime, trying to shed away from video gaming to master my craft in drawing. I spend most of my time learning about my history and between that and the drawing, I meditate and in the process of teaching myself how to cook and speak Spanish.

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  1. Im hoping to trade my dts for spheres or pds again. Plse message me if you want to trade. I do apologize in advance if timezones interfere with our meeting but I do answer messages asap when I see them.
  2. Please I need that magic rock heart key and harmonic resonance core
  3. Can I get a 0/100/100/0 mag? I'll be ur beaten friend.
  4. Im so sorry. Im up now and I have the day off to myself. So if you want, we can meet up as soon as possible. Are you on now?
  5. Trading my master sword 75/0/45/0/0 and fury of the beast 0/0/100/100/80 for photon spheres, dts, or ranger weapons. Please pm for any offers. ill be on until 1030 pm tonight.
  6. Can we close the topic? I got what I needed.
  7. Hi guys. Hoping to trade my dts for photon drops or at least photon spheres. I got other items for trade as well so message me with an offer. Today I have the day off so I will hit you back soon.
  8. Ragtag26


    Your name doesn't appear
  9. Ragtag26


    Are u on now? Its ragemage 313
  10. Can I get a parasytic cell type d?
  11. Can I get the star amp, parasytic cell type d and resta lvl 20
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