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    i am a seeker of knowledge. so in essence, im pretty much a dork. I love anime, trying to shed away from video gaming to master my craft in drawing. I spend most of my time learning about my history and between that and the drawing, I meditate and in the process of teaching myself how to cook and speak Spanish.

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  1. I mean with the swan weapon. About it makes hucast op as heck.
  2. Its been a long time since i played. Wonder hows everyone doing? 

  3. I have an idea! How aboot we have specific quests for specific classes? With special rewards for those who complete them and rewards for finishing them in a time limit? Thatll be neat. Plus it gives a way to boost certain classes that get overlooked in the favor of another.
  4. Your attitude towards this seems rather cruel and mean. Plus indv drop was implemented to prevent people from stealing drops. You seem to be completely out of tune with how a lot of the players feel about this
  5. U guys got a bad habit of fixing problems that weren't there. Indv drops how they were originally, was never an actual issue. In fact to my knowledge, are they not worse things for this server that should be the concern.......like handling the upcoming pgf/Christmas event?
  6. I have an idea for dark and other overly priced items that might lower their price. Why don't you guys just give away pgf and other overly priced weapons and armor during Christmas? I'm not talking about event, I'm talking about the actual day. Like start a random giveaway to all the players who donated and work hard to keep the server running(in addition to the hard work of the GM's and ceo) you give away pgf, t- j sword, type weapons with hit and special, wedding dress, things like that. Like give it away to one per person(not character and not account to be fair) so that way everyone can at least has a chance to obtain one. So as a way to say f you to all the greedy scrooge McDucks and greatly undercutting shady(or misinformed) business deals. This in my opinion would greatly lower the price especially during Christmas event and even more so when word gets out that GM's, soly, and our ceo shows up to give us free pgf for being good little players. Think about it, how can prices go up if there is an abundance of said item flowing around and no one needs a pgf anymore....well most people. This combined with the fact that pgf could be farmed on our server and a more balance of drop rates and hard to get items would do major to put the economy back on track. My other opinion would be to make weapons that rival that of dark weapons, so it gives players alternatives to a "unique" custom play style other than to abuse said weapons all the time. That would help immensely and even out the playing field. What do u guys think? I'm more than willing to offer ideas for blue prints for weapons.....come on use me man! I wanna be helpful
  7. However I will say this. I am more than willing to lending a helping hand to ending this nightmare for good. If any of you guys really want to put a group together so we can organize this mess and set up a system that benefits all players, I am more than willing to try. I have free time after work.
  8. Thats what I was talking about. That's why I'm saying that the server leader should take authority and set a limit to prices. Because the community can not be trusted to do that. It's foolish(imo) to let the community decide when most players don't even know how a economy works. It is this very same reason why we are in this mess to begin with. An authority figure needs to take charge(I.e. server leader. The one with the most authority and the one who sets the rules here) before things escalate too far and we have a collaspe. There needs to be order, something this server needs desperately
  9. All it takes is big boss to put his foot down and take control before this situation leads to major issues. Im starting to think the reason he doesn't interfere is because he benefits the most when it comes to this chaos. All he has to do is put a set price on pgf and it's variations and not leave it to the community. I'm going to be real and say this but this server does a lot of backwards things.
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