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  1. Cheers!!! Great friends having too many drinks bwhahaha! !

  2. Thank you all for all the birthday wishes. Many Hails and hope to see you guys during the next time in town. Time for work!

  3. 11 mile run today in the bag....I feel good and know im more faster and agile with everyday I run with my lady. Good job to her as well :), she is my idol in running. Other news, I will be going to Dan's holloween party this Saturday so for you people going to be there, lets have a crazy time ya?!?!?

  4. Patriots did it again...another win and keep home streak alive and well. Other News, Tony homo sucks and congrats to the 49ers beating the Lions...great week so far now to gear up and head out soon for a 10 mile run. Have a good rest of the day people.

  5. Diablo is coming.....To a PC near you!!!! Other news today, Tofu was excellent and down really soon to get together with some cool cats in orange county next week....Anyone down?

  6. You're IN A HORROR MOVIE (first 10 people to the left on your profile)1. Decides the creepy house is safe: Jason Berry2. Screams like a baby: David Brito... ... 3. Scares you as a joke: Kate M4. The first to go missing: Zach Raddatz5. The first to go insane: Jessica Granville6. Murdered saving you: Curtis Mikell7. Has your back no matter what: Jenise Courchene8. Survives by faking dead: Alfonso Moreno9. Has a solid survival plan no one listens to: Diana Rebolledo10. Is really the k...

  7. I'm in town today in Riverside. Hit me up if any of you are down to chill. Other News, I got my customized jersey from NFL shop.com so it's pretty bad ass. Everyone enjoy yourself and have a great Friday and weekend.

  8. I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes yesterday....I appreciate everyone and what makes it complete is that New England beat the Raider Nation pretty hard even when losing half of our defense. Next stop is Foxbourgh to square off with the Jets. Take care everyone and I will be in Riverside thursday thru sunday. Hit me up.

  9. Getting ready to head off to Magic Mountain with my lady for a great night. I'll catch all of you guys on the flip side. On other news getting some coconut fried chicken on the way at Cha Cha Chicken. Sexy place and do recoomend it if your in the Valley.

  10. i never see you ingame for that trade D:

  11. Join skype, if interested add TheOneYeti

  12. Tough loss to the Bills today but they do look good. Ah well it's a long road to the playoffs. We have to set our minds to Raiders next week. Never take a team for granted. That team that seems to be the underdog has nothing to lose and could turn around and beat you. Ah well, Ran for 8 miles with my lady and now to relax and watch more football.

  13. This is quite interesting for sure. I'm blown away and haven't seen anything like this before. I'm bad with riddles but hell give it a shot in the mouth XD
  14. Week 2 baby ....Next up San Diego! Should be a good game and good luck to you all in who's teams that are playing. FOOTBALL TIME!!!!!!

  15. Mayweather did what I thought....win the fight and sure enough he did. Other news, Barone's pizza is sex in the mouth. Thank you and have a good night.

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