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    ZiZ, ZiZ, Old Weezy

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    Guitar, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Dubstep, Pirated movies, Stolen wifi, knives, George Noory sucking, Art Bell Ruling, Beer, Bitches, Weed,

    oh and pso.

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  1. ziznak

    New Event Info?

    kajex... bong blasters??? paleeeeeeze?
  2. kajex... I heard you were supposed to be designing "the bong ripper" cannon?
  3. is that a fonewm with an inferno zook?
  4. I try to share my windfall with other players... they call me meseta-claus
  5. insomnia+boredom-drugs= searching for pso cosplay

  6. H arms somebody sell them to me paleeze... 2pds? 3pds? maybe... maybe not

    1. fatboy


      find me 2pd work for you.

    2. ziznak


      got em thanks tho

  7. where did i see this drop table before? I remember somebody posting this somewhere and looking at the /newsite/link and thinking wtf?
  8. Need help hunting psycho crystal... hit me up

  9. Caught me using foul language!!! that was an RR tho... can't blame me right?
  10. desperately sick of running bpd for shouren... anybody got one lemme know maybe we can work out a deal? pm or hit me up in game!!!

    1. Sciaz


      I can't remember who had it on their trade list but I saw one yesterday as I was crawling through the forums, good luck!

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      I have a Shouren. Its not super good or anything but its what you're looking for. If you still want one i'll be around in the lobby.

    3. ziznak


      whoa... finally somebody has one I could grab and I find out 5 secs after I was awarded one in black paper... jizai +45 hit is here!!! :) but hey thanks guys... and grim I may still buy that just in case i hunt up another guren w hit.

  11. My biggest "problem" when I first started playing sometime last year was I couldnt figure out how to do a charged attack.... ya know where you hold whatever button and then you do this badass attack when you release it? Well, my first version of pso was with PS-ZERO on the DS which hooked me upon seeing some of the awesome charge combos. At first I was saddened thby pso's lack of charged attack moves... but then I was sucked in by all of pso's other awesomeness.
  12. I was wondering when somebody was going to explain this. thought it was common knowledge
  13. yup... sux to be us for a lil while. you are not alone
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