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    Guitar, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Dubstep, Pirated movies, Stolen wifi, knives, George Noory sucking, Art Bell Ruling, Beer, Bitches, Weed,

    oh and pso.

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  1. that striker unit looks nice... i have a daisy chain... and nice interface skin... i use the same one
  2. ziznak

    New Event Info?

    kajex... bong blasters??? paleeeeeeze?
  3. idk he's got a few people that would donate pds to help him get one
  4. kajex... I heard you were supposed to be designing "the bong ripper" cannon?
  5. I try to share my windfall with other players... they call me meseta-claus
  6. insomnia+boredom-drugs= searching for pso cosplay

  7. H arms somebody sell them to me paleeze... 2pds? 3pds? maybe... maybe not

    1. fatboy


      find me 2pd work for you.

    2. ziznak


      got em thanks tho

  8. where did i see this drop table before? I remember somebody posting this somewhere and looking at the /newsite/link and thinking wtf?
  9. i'd like 2 pds more in hp mats please sure... and its been a pleasure doing biz w ya.
  10. I'd like to snag 6 pds worth if you got em
  11. ziznak


    5pds??? I would think with all the shit you need to find and do to make these we'd be looking at like 50-60 AT LEAST.
  12. those dev wings are lookin good but my pd supply is pretty low.... whats the lowest amount of pds you'll take for em? I may have to ask whiteboy to front me some pds
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