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Found 2 results

  1. Momoka will be around on this weekend! Hello Ultima! I heard the news that Momoka has came to visit and decided to redeem those tickets that we've been holding for a long while! Momoka's Shop room will be open for a while today and tomorrow, all you have to do is bring your item tickets and request an item from this list. 2 items tickets = 1 item Item list: DAISY CHAIN LE COGNEUR GETSUGASAN METEOR ROUGE MURASAME 5TH ANNIV. BLADE NICE SHOT JITTE SYRINGE HAMMER AKIKO'S CLEAVER BATTLEDORE Cell of Mag 502 Cell of MAG 213 Heart of RoboChao Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Pian Heart of Chao Heart of KAPU KAPU Heart of Angel Heart of Devil Kit of Hamburger Panther's Spirit Kit of MARK3 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM Kit of GENESIS Kit of SEGA SATURN Kit of DREAMCAST HUGE BATTLE FAN WOK OF AKIKO'S SHOP ROCKET PUNCH DRILL LAUNCHER MARINA'S BAG PANTHER'S CLAW SONIC KNUCKLE AMORE ROSE SPECIAL SERVICE! After you redeem your fun items, you can add up to 50hit on them, using photon crystals 10pc = 10 hit 20pc = 20 hit 30pc = 30 hit 40pc = 40hit 50pc = 50 hit and Add a special to your fun weapon, use 4 Item tickets to get the desired special.* *some item specials might not work correctly, make sure you test before you leave the room. Only for items with no special assigned!! -Le cogneur -Getsugasan -5th Anniv. Blade -Jitte -Battledore -Amore Rose Momoka will be around this weekend!
  2. estoy jugando recién pero al elegir vender y después comprar, no aparece la ventana de compras y no queda otra más que cerrar el juego. que hago? P.D.: esto sucede raras veces, siempre y cuando no aparezca la ventana de desconexión.
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