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  1. Srank needle are earned from Ep2 Challenge Mode and u have to complete east and west tower on ep2 , find the data after talking to hopkins to add specials to them
  2. lol even in the dark and on the phone what makes u click recreate xD thats just silly 1) u had to reselect RECREATE 2) u have to select class to create 3) u have to name/design character 4)how do u do all that without even knowing it xD 5) Fishy Fishy !
  3. This has happened alot so you probably have 4 FAT-Tards(fat humars) as well
  4. nooooo ms keliou must stay I DEMAND IT!!!!! I've gotten bugged 3x since thurs ik the feeling #new Wewoy
  5. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/10366-horray-for-another-bug/ So i recently got rollback for all my lost ranger gear on Thursday. I came across another bug on Friday with all the Fat humars , Andres gave me a rollback on Friday as well. The problem is that the rollback i got yesterday went so far back to as if i never got my rollback on Thursday so i am still missing all my ranger gear on ramar/ racast. so if you can rollback my ramar and racast once again Andres , be very much appreciated. Racast gc#42091265 slot 2 Ramar gc# 42092900 slot 1 Spanish : Así que me
  6. So i cannot sign in my accounts at all and i have been skyping with Kajex. and from what he told me , he scanned both my accounts and there is 8 FAT Humars. i cant even make it to the character selection menu to post any pictures. So i Hope this gets resolved quick or i might well call it PSO retirement. i was playing perfectly fine last night at 12:00am US CST So if you do a rollback please don't go past that point because i just got a rollback yesterday from Andres. # Bug Number 4 in one month Spanish Así que no puedo acceder a mis cuentas para nada y he estado skyping con Kajex. y por
  7. English: So here we go again , i was on my ramar and ask a close friend to help me transfer between accounts again and had Kirika sign in as my alternative account to speed up the transfer , i got all my stuff over from Ramar>Racast. Log in on my Racast and everything was there too. after i decide i want to move 3 items from hucast to racast (RR, Sbeats 50h, and berserk Vulcan 55h). Again Kirika was holding those 3 items while i switch to my racast. i signed in, got the 3 items and went to deposit my berserk laser and got a disconnection. therefore i sign in and im bugged. Spanish: Así
  8. ty andres but i am missing an item from my inventory , 35native 60hit berserk raygun i got from shoutgu
  9. English: So i was Transferring between accounts with kirika/haruhi helping me i went to deposit an item in the bank and immediate got "this item cannot be found" and disconnected, got back on look at my inventory and was ok no bug but then i look at the other half of my inventory and it was all ???? items I transferred from my hucast on my first account , to my hunewearl on my 2nd account @10pm Central Standard Timeand , at 10:50pm i transferred back to my hucast and went to deposit (bugged), so my suggestion is to rollback my other character too just in case of items disappearing. i have i
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