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  1. Cars (show, driving, wrenching, you name it), CSGO, and, to a lesser extent, mountain biking. Oh, and randomly ghosting from the forums for months at a time. Definitely a fan of that!
  2. Seriously. It's like people come back to hunt STA and DM and then just dip for 9 months, afk'ing in teamspeak. >_> In other news, I'd love to see something akin to the crazy belra mobs , but overtuned and as a timed event quest. Chase a superpowered Gibbles across a series of maps, solo or as a team, slowly whittling down its health as the timer ticks. Points awarded based on progression % or kill time if you hit the end that are banked across the event, and you can trade them in for any of 4-5 tiered lottery drops (higher cost = better items), or for past event items with a random % or evp/def at a significantly higher cost. Didn't get a chance for STA, PGF, or maybe a lindcray? either drop your points on t5 cases and hope you get lucky, or farm like hell to buy one outright before the event ends
  3. I was so 3 years ago too, but look who else got necro'd. ayyy lmao But seriously, this topic should probably be locked before it becomes a thing again
  4. If you still have the Adepts, I'll take one (or two)
  5. I've got a 75-hit laying around. Offer? Think it's 0/0/0/40/75
  6. frost506


    I'll take it. Lemme know when you're on to make a game
  7. frost506


    If the sato has M&Y, I'll happily buy it
  8. Part-Time Batman please ;D
  9. I just buy the replacement coils. It's $20 for a pack of 5, but with how long it takes me to go through one, it beats rebuilding my own. Clouds? Definitely depends on the liquid. Even at 0.5ohm, the higher PG liquids are decent sized, but my cereal liquids chuck huuuuuuuge clouds
  10. When I said slow, I mean slooooooooow. Finally got around to taking a picture of my new exhaust and tail lights! Next up is vinyl and lowering springs before I start saving up for the big ticket item.
  11. Everybody with drippers, I feel so out of place. Hana Modz DNA 40 with an Aspire Atlantis. Old picture, since my liquid problem has gotten much worse since then. Currently ripping on Fire Tamale from AER. Soooo good
  12. I haven't played in ages, but I'm just popping in to say thank you, Soly and Cyane. It's amazing to see somebody show so much passion and raw desire to improve the server. Keep up the great work! -Mr. AFK in TS
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