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  1. Excision

    Zow's Art Exhibit

    bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzzzzzz >.> :3 your artworks cute zow ^~^
  2. People joining a game and don’t know how to play as there class or don’t know how to play in general (Usually the ones who show back up during the holiday events). People who try to DM/DF and fail miserably at it or is in training with the weapon and then blame it on something else and not there lack of skill (Just ask someone who knows how .-.). Can’t follow simple directions to go north while in seabed
  3. Excision


    this thread just needs to be locked, it’s pointless and getting no where. People are starting drama because the want to and can. Yeah valid point res people and quit being a bitch about it. And if you have a problem not being res carry scape dolls and uhhhh don’t die? End of discussion this threads pointless as fuck. <- my opinion
  4. use keytojoy it’s free and works perfectly fine. Run it as administrator and it will overwrite that XINPUT code and run fine
  5. First; I believe there may be a setting in game about it for controllers. Second; to use controller plug in controller then start pso third; You have to set up the controller somewhat in game Fourth A; if you would like you can use xpadder or keytojoy or any other similar program. Fourth B; If none of these work you can do the dreadful map which is taking KeyToJoy or xPadder and individually giving the keys the value to controller from PsoBB it is a process Here is a thread post of what you can do/use:
  6. In this situation you should pm @Soly and your friend should do this. As well there is a recovery for accounts on the forum.
  7. i only have 2 so far i will update this tonight or tomorrow
  8. Dx god damn it >.> POST THE PICTURES HEREEEEEEEEEEE MOST LIKES WILL BE MENTIONED T^T this is what i get for doing something half asleep isn’t it >.> screen shot or windows 10 has this clip thingy on it
  9. Let’s have fun with this:) 1 per person MUST BE APPROPRIATE >.>
  10. Selling! Psycho Wand 0’d 20PDs Wedding Dress Min 70PDs PM or post ty
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