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EVENT Ragol Fighters


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Craving for some fair battles? Ready for a new battle style?

Subscribe this event and enjoy a new way of battling!

How it works?

To participate you have to say you want on this thread, you can pick a red or a blue color, this will determine your position in the brackets of the tournament, or you can leave that to me.


  • You must create a level 1 character of the class i will specify.
  • After you will give me all the gear that character owns and proceed to the selected stage chosen by me.
  • Once I give the signal you may proceed to battle, inside the stage, enemies may spawn and both will have to handle it as you see fit.
  • First to kill the other 3 times advances to the next round


Winner of the tournament wins a sealed j-sword with 40 hit and 40 attributes to add. *hit can be transformed into attributes if desired

As you advance in the brackets you might win additional prizes, this means you might get rewarded when you advance in tiers.

Subscription deadline?

You got until the 20th of this month to subscribe, some matches will start on the 17th depending on subscribers present. In order to keep the tournament going as fast as possible.




    Deseas unas batallas justas? Listo para un nuevo estilo de batalla?

    Subscribe en este evento y disfruta de una nueva forma de luchar!

    ¿Como funciona?

    Para participar tienes que decir que deseas en este topico, puedes escoger rojo o azul, esto determinará tu posición en los grupos del torneo, o puedes  me dejar elegir.


    • Debes crear un personaje de nivel 1 con la clase que especificaré.
    • Después tendras que me dar todo el equipo que tienes en ese personaje y proceder a la etapa elegida por mí.
    • Una vez que dé señal puedem proceder a la batalla, dentro de la etapa, pueden aparecer enemigos y ambos tendrán que manejar la situación lo mejor que puedan.
    • El primero que mata el otro 3 vezes avanza a la seguiente rounda.


    El canador recibe una sealed j-sword con 40 hit y 40 atributos para añadir.

    A medida que avances en los grupos puedes ser recompensado cuando ganas.

    ¿Limite de suscrpción?

    Tienes hasta el 20 de este mes para suscribirte, algunas partidas comenzarán en el 17  de este mes en función de los suscriptores actuales. A fim hacer con que el torneo sea rápido.





    Anseias umas batalhas justas? Pronto para um novo estilo de batalha?

    Inscreve-te neste evento e disfruta de uma nova maneira de lutar!

    Como funciona?

    Para participar tens que dizer neste tópico que queres participar, podes escolher entre vermelho e azul, isto irá determinar a tua posição nos grupos do torneio, ou podes deixar isso comigo.


    • Tens de criar um personagem de nível 1 com a classe que irei especificar.
    • Depois terás de me dar o equipamento que esse personagem tem e avançar para o nível que eu escolhi.
    • Depois que dou o sinal podem começar a lutar, dentro do nível, enimigos podem aparecer e ambos teram que lidar com o problema. 
    • O primeiro a matar o outro 3 vezes avança para a próxima ronda.


    Winner of the tournament wins a sealed j-sword with 40 hit and 40 attributes to add.

    As you advance in the brackets you might win additional prizes, this means you might get rewarded when you advance in tiers.

    Limite para subscrição?

    Tens até ao dia 20 deste mês para te inscreveres, alguns dos jogos começaram no dia 17 dependendo de quantos estão inscritos no momento. De maneira a fazer o torneio avançar o mais rápido possivel.


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    Taking this one for Event details/Brackets 


    Tournament Brackets

    Coming soon...



      • PSOAddict/NA
      • Justin Noble/NA
      • yanvbraz/NA
      • Shunthanos/blue
      • Shiva/NA
      • donpepe99/red
      • mudkipzjm/red
      • Arturox/red
      • Nessly/red
      • Bloodseeker/blue
      • griffeni/red
      • Gabriel Achiley Dos Santos/Blue
      • Biza/Blue
      • ChrisNL/Red
      • RudyArana/Red
      • abousweid/Blue
      • Cody Whitley/Red
      • MrHucast/NA
      Edited by Cyane
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      Blue and I will not be available until this weekend to participate

      Cy please remove me from this event as I will not be participating. 

      Edited by Virec
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      Color is mostly to help me decide who i put against who in the starter rounds, it's also the color that will follow the player until the end.

      Anyone that has questions feel free to pm me, first round will be fomar round if my testing goes well. If you want to start practicing some fighting with them/making an unique FOmar hehe C:

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