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  1. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item/&id=006E02 Does nothing to my knowledge. It's like a novelty item and is definitely not recommended to use outside of normal forest.
  2. It's not a bug. For forces it's weird because the MST it's showing you have includes your weapon. If you unequip your weapon, are you over 700 MST still?
  3. I'll buy it for 100 dts
  4. It'd be cheaper overall to buy Hylian and get lvl 29 techs. Most attack techs are 8 DTs per tech, that's from donating to the server and redeeming via GM. Players typically run maybe 1 DTs cheaper (to 7 DTs per attack tech) for 10 DTs, all 29 techs become level 30, and I personally would sell you lvl 29 techs for like 2 pds each
  5. Event mag. 200 power mag with all pbs is legal
  6. 🤢 Two Adepts!? This is not a good build in my opinion (coming from a racast main) https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=4&l=200&m10=96&m11=0&m12=0&m13=0&m14=45&m15=125&m16=0&m20=0&m21=200&m22=0&m23=0&i0=63&i1=133&i2=106&i3=100&i4=75&i5=-1 -You get one free slot for Cure/Freeze or Cure/Confuse -With Gratia instead of Red Ring, you lose 20 power and 20 ATA (but gain ATA for any Yasminkov series weapons), and get all resists past 100 -9 mats left over for whatever
  7. I'll buy everything here for 10 pds
  8. https://i.gifer.com/fyby.gif
  9. Generally, 7 PDs is worth 1 DT, not 3.
  10. Yes hi. Trying to trade my 100/100/0/0|80 Dark Flow for a PGF or Dark Bridge as well as up to 60 DTs (since it's a maxed DF, there should be compensation since you don't need to do the work to max it out from 50's) I'll look at potential trades but only for the 60 DTs difference, however I'm not really looking for anything. Your best bet is just 60 DTs Thank.
  11. You're extremely dedicated to sell off those spheres. I'm not saying no one will, but it's not likely someone is willing to sell an 80 hit hell/demon type shot for a couple of spheres
  12. A PS is 99 pds. You're trying to get 99 pd for 10 DTs? I'm pretty sure it's closer to 15 DTs
  13. Yes. Many people would love to start you off with some gear and run you TTFs to level quick. With 5x exp right now, you'll be in ultimate faster than you'd believe. If I hop on at all tonight, I'll definitely carry you and teach you the ropes and other stuff, etc.
  14. Pretty sure while the event is active, it's 5 dts. Even after event, it's like 10 dts
  15. You can ask a GM to make a room to drop 999999 meseta everywhere for free....
  16. Whichever Tech it is. I haven't used one in so long. As for level 30 techs... Well Resta S/D/J/Z are all relatively common. I probably have 5 of each at least. ANY other tech is dumb rare. Or my tech luck is trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Usually the Attack spells are still rare to come across in the 30's. Out of my handful of years here, I think I only found 5 level 30 techs that were not support.
  17. You're looking to buy Hylian Shield then. It gives a boost to Rafoie, Razonde, and Grants I believe, but also has a built in God/Tech, which means all spells are automatically +1. Cheaper than buying level 30s since they can cost 5 DT / 35 PDs each, maybe more
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