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  1. Hello and welcome to Ultima pm me I can help you rush through the early levels
  2. Thanks haha I'm gonna use it for torture hahaha
  3. I freaking love it where can I download it.
  4. Thanks for the help
  5. Welcome to Ultima see you in game I'll either be ness or merlin if ya see me say hey
  6. What decides spell damage mst or tech level or is it both
  7. Alright thanks for the help also why determines the damage of spells is it mst or level of spells or both
  8. Its been awhile since i've played and im new to force what do they do and are they good also where can i find them
  9. Hello fellow players I was just wandering what class is the most fun to play as. I used to be really into this game and played on this server for sometime but I am just now getting back into it. I have a level 120 Hucast with TJS and I'm wanting to make a new character. I already have a level 20 ranger and, I'm mainly just curious if force is more fun than a ranger. If so i'll start a force class and, if not then i'll pick up where I left off on my ranger. Thanks for the help in advance I apologize for any grammar issues.
  10. so i keep recreating a character and i keep getting yellowboze whats up?
  11. Ok but I don't want to make an exception if it's harmful I already knew I could've done those things but what I'm asking is if it's harmful or not
  12. So I just got a new pc and decided to download psobb. I used to play on the server a lot. My anti virus software said it was safe, but when I tried to open online.exe (game launcher) it said there was suspicious activity. Is this a false positive is it safe?
  13. ummm u didnt get to hear the story unless u did missions wat i mean is the story was in the missions
  14. hey dude i just was telling him he cant do offline mode no need to start shit