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  1. So, during the episode 3, would you try to relocate to ragol?
  2. Do you think medical staff are cleared for ragol transport? Hunters and Soldiers are permitted- I wonder who else can go to ragol freely?
  3. So i got to thinking about Pioneer 2 last night and I wondered: "what would it be like, living aboard Pioneer 2?" If you have any thoughts or notions or preconceptions about what living aboard the ship would be like, feel free to post and discuss it here. Here's my thoughts: Living on the Pioneer 2 would probably feel pretty free yet eerily restrictive. From what the sweets quest says, I guess the dietary restrictions on Pioneer 2 aren't too bad- I'd figure that they'd have a pretty sustainable agriculture dome. (The agricultural dome failing and requiring a part from the tower would be a cool quest idea.) However it would kinda suck not to have sweets aboard the ship. I think because the sisters sold cake, that's like: "no chocolates, no sweets, no desserts, etc." would probably be just staple foods. They'd also need some sort of sweetening substance, otherwise all the officers would take their coffee black (that's how i like my coffee!) Speaking of authority, there's quite a few different sectors aboard the ship. WORKS and the other parts like the lab or the Morgue would be interesting- and I figure with the socio-political ongoings, there would be no shortage of jobs- however, since most of the people aboard Pioneer 2 are refugees from coral, I wouldn't imagine there's much wealth density within the population. That would make hunters the biggest entrepreneurs aboard! Most playthroughs see massive amounts of meseta ending up in the pockets of hunters. The most interesting aspect though is actually LIVING on the Pioneer. I imagine social circles are quite small and livings somewhat crowded, even though the ships really big and population dense. Hence the want to relocate to prime real estate on Ragol. Although it's also stated that the folks living in space have grown accustomed to being on a ship and don't want to migrate anyways- and some kids have grown up aboard the ship too. would you want to relocate to Ragol after years of being aboard a space ship that's become your home? Personally, I'd go down to Ragol. And I'm sure, as you know- there's TONS of political intrigue amongst the ship. I bet talking politics has gotten really tiring for a lot of the folks aboard wondering why they're still in orbit. Especially after 20 years since the Falz-Flow-Saint Incident. Anyways, that's my take on it. for the most part. What do you folks think?
  4. new Discs for gallon's shop containing the OST of PSO EP3. I would love to be able to hear Nebula Montana PT1 in Jungle.
  5. Hey, I get to eat a decent meal today. 😃

  6. What are those containers all our weapons, armor and uniques come in anyways?
  7. A big statue of Doc' Jean Carlo Montague in the spawn area. He IS a genius you know! ha-ha-ha.
  8. Some Very Warm memories from playing PSO. Look at all of these great people!
  9. Hmmm.. Well, Rag Rappy Appears in EP 1 in Forest 1 & 2. So does Al Rappy, which is the rare variant of that. Then there's El Rappy which appears in Ultimate Forest 1 & 2 and the Rare Variant of that in Ultimate Forest 1 & 2 called Pal Rappy. Love Rappy Pops up in VR Temple Alpha and Beta- and I think there's a rare variant that's seasonal in VR Temple Alpha and Beta during easter called Egg Rappy and a Hallo Rappy for Halloween in VR Temple Alpha and Beta. I think there's also a St. Rappy for Christmas as well, VR Temple Alpha & Beta. Then in Episode 4 we get Sand Rappy in Crater and the Rare Variant Del Rappy. And thank goodness I've played Episode 3, I also think there's a card in Episode 3 called Toy Rappy. I think that card was a special event thing. oh, and then there's a 1 in 10 rate for giant variants of rappies to appear.
  10. There are many times where I have been with a particular online game community, only to feel intense estrangement. Puzzle Pirates, Maplestory, WoW, Guild Wars 1`& 2, etc. But I've finally found the place I feel like I fit in. on 5/27/2019 at 5:47 PM, I started playing PSOBB for the very first time, and I fell in love with the game. It is now 8/28/2020, and I have never been happier with an online game/online community. PSOBB SUNG to me with it's unique OST and made me addicted with it's gameplay system that required actual thought and effort. No way to cheese it, only hard work and good times listening to Mother Earth of Dishonesty or Image of Hero. Those synth tunes are like butter to my ears. PSOBBU did something no other game could- It partially restored my dulled sense of wonder. Even after beating episode 1 a few times, each new difficulty had something new around the corner and I was and still am excited to learn. Episode 2 and 4 blew me away so much that I elected to seek out episode 3 so i could play it and that made me all the more happy beating that game, listening to tower of caelum or IDOLA the holy fruits. (Pollux is HARD!) But what I could have never been prepared for, was how beautiful this community would be and how deeply it would connect me with others. Even striking up casual conversation, people I knew would be like "woah, PSO? I haven't played that in years!" and then I'd be building new gaming groups who loved PSO just as much as I did! I'd never had that before! Most people would make an excuse to not play something online, but this one was irresistible. it literally made me gaming buddies. It literally even helped one of my friends spend more time with his brother who lives far away from him. I never knew that PSO would help me connect families back together. and the community online was and still is fantastic to a tee. Sometimes I still can't fathom how much fun i have randomly hunting around and then having a buddy or 3 connect in and show me the ropes or blast Ob lilies away with me. (I hate ob lilies, I'm a RAmar.) I had some hard times getting used to/learning the upper echelons of things, but now I'm familiar with what PDs are, and how to make crazy cool weapons and what quests to do- how to feed your mags and how to be good at the game. I'm sure I'm not the best, but I've improved so much over the year. I even got into all of the main and side story quests which were so cool to play! Unearthing the mysteries of ragol was a pleasure absolutely unbound by any conventional gaming notions. I doubt I could have gotten there without your help and the folks who were generous enough to bring me along on more of the dangerous missions. I was so proud getting to stage 5 on WOI! that's my personal best so far at Level 148. Any time I played, everyone was fun to be around with those silly icon chat messages (which inspired me to make my own) and were super patient and great to work with. Every fight felt like a team effort, and at times, I was kinda teaching too 😮 To the devs and forum admins/mods, I thank you for making such a great game and community to be in. To the community of Ultima PSOBB, I also thank you. You are singlehandedly the greatest bunch of folks to be around. I want to especially thank folks like Trigunman, Nills, Saber+7, Clappy, Rivaul, Nessly, Amaranthine, drdingus, C01D1, Kotta, applesaucin, jdhenry124 and R-78 on the forums and in game for everything. Thank you, thank you, Thank you. I also want to thank these folks who i fought with bravely on the surface and underground of ragol: Relmitos, Laure, Demi, Android71, Xander94, Pthalo, A.J., Val, Marn, Princess, Maverick, MecaZora, FireHawk, NOLAftw, CAT, Cute, leyfon, Millie, Stray*, Ztriderr, Kalira, Minty, FFmaster-, Emizzle, Mercy, Tyrone, ShogunGX, SJCL, Yris, Ill Gilly, Sam, Xena and Megumi. you taught me everything I need to know to be a great RAmar. and lastly, thank you everyone. I'm now a die hard fan who reads the lore, listens to the music and remixes, and has played the entire series and I couldn't be happier. And it's all thanks to PSOBB Ultima. To everyone who reads this: I can still see the light.
  11. awesome! Looks like I'm gonna have to work for Power/hp mats
  12. I just recently maxed out on mats From what i can see, it's Pow: 98 Mind: 30 EVP: 51 LCK: 13 HP : 34 TP: 0
  13. I could never seem to hit Hildetorr with my asteron striker special.
  14. Oh, No worries Nills. I have tons of fun playing with you. You're damn good at what you do. I was confused for a bit though, haha! I think the overall recommendation of sticking with my snow queen until i find a better HIT ver is good. DOH! okay now that I didn't know about. Really clears things up. Not sure, I'd have to check later. Probably in the 60-70 range. I know someone gave me an absolute buttload of pow mats. Man, that's gotta be a spooky feeling to come back to, for sure. but all in all, I'm just glad to have what I have. Oh MAN, i knew something was off with IDS. Glad you set me straight, I'll try a bunch of Mysteries of the void today and see how that goes. That's the one where the lock is hidden on the topmost right corner, right? I'm somewhat familiar with it, but I was told that IDS was better. I'll see what I can do for the units and a better spread needle too- those both sound like good prerogatives . Thanks for all the help ay? I'll definitely use all the info provided to try and improve myself as best I can.
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