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  1. Thank you all so much for your support guys. I'm glad you feel the same- to tell the truth I was a little afraid that I was gonna get ostracized for not wanting to TTF/RT all the time. In fact, I think I might have found my answer to this issue. Had a great Vanilla group yesterday on EP2. I just called the room "Hunting" and we all just ran at the Vanilla experience of Episode 2. The OST in EP2 is so bombastically well done that I think I, in a bit of a guilty conscience, may enjoy it a bit more than EP1. However, I've done EP1 like a bajillion times. Maybe the key to finding a good group is just doing whatever the heck you want and naming it something cool so people will come in.
  2. Trying to enjoy PSO in my own, weird way.

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      Ahoy sailor

  3. It's nice to meet you all. I play as Ace on the server, been around here and there, level 123 Ramar. I know that's not level 200, but hear me out. Lately I feel like everything's a rush to get to the end- lots of people are doing TTF or RF and that's totally fine, don't get me wrong. If someone wants to play those quests and powerlevel, by all means, do so. But I've never been interested in TTF or RF which, in essence is a condensed run-through of the episodes. Sure the EXP rates are great and the drops are wonderful on Ultimate, but I feel like it's the only quest anyone is ever interested in anymore. I couldn't get someone to do one of the Phantasmal world quests on Ep2 if it was to save my life. and Regular Non-mission hunting seems to always get someone who wants to drag me into TTF. And then after that it becomes a barrage of "I've got a billion level 200 characters, I can solo ultimate this and that, you HAVE to play the game this certain way and chain PB or donate Photons or else you're not good at the game, etc, etc." I mean today I got roped into RF without thinking and beforehand, the only part of EP2 i had experienced was the jungle and VR missions. and I thought those were super cool- I mean blow me away awesome. I couldn't stop listening to the jungle soundtrack. But then today I got rushed through EP2 in a quest, fought Olga Flow amongst other really cool bosses (like Gal Gryphon) and then when we finished the first thing i heard was "want me to go onto a level 200 character so i can powerlevel you?" I had to tell her what i tell lots of people who ask- I'm just not interested in powerleveling and repeatedly bashing my controller against my head because we're doing TTF for the Millionth time. and then not knowing what people mean when they start using acronyms I'm unfamiliar with. I think it was like a few weeks ago i logged off despondently when I was talked down to for not knowing about damage canceling on Dark Falz. I felt really bad about the whole thing and I didn't log on again for a few days because I was being chastised for trying to play the game well and then getting snarked at when i messed up. It feels like the only way I can play my favorite game anymore is alone on solo mode, because even if I try to play co-op with the missions I want to do, either nobody comes or the first thing I hear is "lets switch to TTF/RF". I admit my weapons aren't the most amazing and my mag isn't the top tier mag of all time, but I enjoyed worked on them and putting in the time to get those items. And I really liked playing the Gov Quests and doing side missions and the custom quests added in. Hopefully I'll find some more like minded people in the future, but it kinda sucks that everywhere I go, I feel like I'm one bad agreement away from being railroaded into doing another powerleveling quest.
  4. Really stellar group of players that night, defeating Dark Falz.

    Normal Dark Falz.PNG

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