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  1. https://imgur.com/a/5XUFiJE

    Got my first Solo Kill on Dark Falz on Ultimate Mode today

    SO HAPPY! :cr-happiness:

    1. Kotta


      Your.... first time? :onion-head81:

    2. Fyrewolf5


      Congratulations! It's definitely not the easiest thing to manage solo. Good Job managing to get past all his hp/resistance/skill/range checks and pull out a win!

  2. Hi! I'd like to buy the Arrest Needle and the Cent/Bat Please.
  3. Love you, Ultima Community.

  4. So I got this really cool item last night, It's called Proof of Ultima Team It follows a really difficult set of things you have to do, but it's 100% worth getting And I'll detail in this post how I got it: First, you need to be playing on episode 4 on ultimate and be in the subterranean desert You have to have worked a long day and have called the room "relaxation" and be shooting creatures to blow off steam (Zu's work best because they make nice a nice THUNK ) If you do this right and continue to kill creatures underground, eventually 3 player characters will log into your game under the usernames Ghoul, Nubesock and Soul. They'll do a bunch of really fun chat commands- deploy a warp pipe and go back to pioneer 2 to be greeted by these really cool players Partway through the dialogue they'll ask about what you're doing- tell them you're hunting for a limiter, and they'll give you a limiter saying they had a spare one laying around. You'll then be transported to the TTF mission on ultimate- make sure you bring along some moon atomizers because there's a part where you have to revive both Ghoul and Nubesock (you can chose to revive one but not the other, which will result in some really funny dialogue- Soul will revive the other afterwards) Play through the mission as usual, and at the very end when you leave the room, you get this totally cool armor called Proof of Ultima Team PROOF OF ULTIMA TEAM Description: You had a really, really good night with some of the best players on Ultima; this armor is proof of the bonds of the community. Level: 150 DFP: 260 (+30) EVP: 120 (+10) EFR: 4 ETH: 4 EIC: 4 EDK: 60 ELT: 15 Stat Boost: Feel really good for the rest of the night and be really happy to be a part of Ultima Tech Boost: *Shifta 50% *Deband 50% Model ID: This armor isn't real, but the events that happened last night are Texture ID: No other MMO has a good community like this one does Stars: 12★ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟 🌟 🌟 Useable By HUmar HUnewearl RAmar RAmarl FOmar FOmarl FOnewm FOnewearl (So yeah, this armor isn't real. haha! But you know, over my 17 years of playing MMORPGS, there's never been one I've been in until now where you'll just be plucking along by yourself, and then have a bunch of really great people come see how you're doing and then drag you along on a great mission where you all have a ton of fun, no matter the drops, the deaths- anything. It feels beyond anything wonderful I know to have fellow players that genuinely care about you. So I guess the only thing left to say- Is thank you!)

    1. Kotta


      IIIIII Knooooooow...........:onion97:

      You feel uneeeeeasy noooooow....:onion-head29:

      [Better drop my PGF Already! :onion-head28:]

  6. I feel that. Motivation's been kicked in the tankers ever since COVID-19 popped up. I miss all the celebrations and festivals I used to be able to attend- Like ribfest! last time i went i got a free beer and 40 bucks off the ground.
  7. I figured I'd like a thread that just kinda caters to anything and everything in off topic, so here we are. in other news with me, I started a new job not that long ago. almost made my co-worker snort coffee when I mentioned that the folks we were getting info from were worse than a "mumbleford and sons concert" other than that, it's been really windy over here. What's new with you?
  8. My Spook-diddly-ookiest numberino is the number 34! WOoOoOoOOOOO~
  9. Greetings and Welcome to my Permanent Shop. After amassing a few items I felt it high time that I design a shop and begin selling. I accept PSOBBU PDs, DTs and other fair offers made. I don't have a set schedule, but I'll try to be on so we can process any and all transactions. I also take a 1 DT: 5 PD rate, so if you want to use DTs instead, we can work something out. I hope you enjoy the shop and that we make some great deals in the future! Durandal 0/0/0/40/0 2 PD Dragon Slayer 20/0/0/0/30 10 PD or 1 DT Diska of Liberator 0/0/0/35/40 15 PD or 3 DT Diska of Braveman 30/0/0/0/30 7 PD Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/45/45 15 PD or 3 DT Diska of Braveman 35/40/0/0/40 13 PD or 2 DT Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/15/0 3 PD Diska of Braveman 0/15/0/0/0 2 PD Justy-23ST 0/25/0/0/40 11 PD or 1 DT Rianov 303SNR 0/0/0/0/0 5 PD Rianov 303SNR-2 0/40/0/0/35 15 PD or 3 DT Final Impact 0/15/0/0/30 7 PD or 1 DT Pheonix Claw 0/0/0/0/0 2 PD Stag Cutlery 0/0/0/20/0 1 PD Angry Fist 0/25/0/0/50 6 PD Angry Fist 0/0/0/0/0 2 PD Agito (1983) +3 0/0/20/0/0 3 PD Spread Needle +40 0/0/0/35/0 4 PD Yamigarasu 0/40/0/0/50 25 PD or 5 DT Elysion 0/0/0/0/0 7 PD Master Raven 0/0/0/45/0 8 PD or 1 DT Red Handgun 25/35/15/0/0 4 PD Red Handgun 25/0/5/15/0 3 PD Red Handgun 20/0/0/0/20 5 PD Frozen Shooter +4 35/0/0/0/15 10 PD or 2 DT Yasminkov 3000R 0/0/0/0/0 3 PD Yasminkov 9000M +10 10/0/0/0/0 5 PD Guilty Light 0/0/40/0/30 6 PD or 1 DT Talis 0/0/0/45/45 15 PD or 2 DT Talis 0/35/0/25/40 10 PD or 1 DT Demolition Comet 40/0/25/0/30 15 PD or 2 DT Demolition Comet 35/0/0/0/35 13 PD or 1 DT Demolition Comet 30/0/0/0/25 11 PD Mille Marteaux +12 10/0/0/0/0 10 PD Yunchang 0/0/0/0/0 4 PD Cannon Rouge +10 0/0/25/0/0 6 PD Daylight Scar 20/0/25/0/0 5 PD D-Parts Ver2.10 - 1 Slot 2 PD Guard Wave - 1 Slot 2 PD Guard Wave - 2 Slots 3 PD Brightness Circle - 0 Slots 6 PD or 1 DT Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou - 0 Slots 10 PD or 2 DT Red Coat - 0 Slots 2 PD Thirteen - 4 Slots 6 PD or 1 DT Tempest Cloak - 4 Slots 7 PD Spirit Cuirass - 0 Slots 1 PD Spirit Cuirass - 0 Slots 1 PD Spirit Cuirass - 0 Slots 1 PD Alliance Uniform - 0 Slots 2 PD Crimson Coat – 1 Slot 2 PD Crimson Coat – 1 Slot 2 PD Crimson Coat – 1 Slot 2 PD Secret Gear 3 PD Custom Barrier Ver.00 2 PD Custom Barrier Ver.00 2 PD Custom Barrier Ver.00 2 PD Tripolic Shield 5 PD Standstill Shield 8 PD or 2 DT Gizonde Merge 5 PD Regenerate Gear B.P. 4 PD Rupika 8 PD or 2 DT God/HP 1 PD God/Luck 1 PD HP/Revival 1 PD HP/Revival 1 PD Devil/Battle 1 PD Devil/Battle 1 PD Cure/Shock 1 PD YASAKANI MAGATAMA 4 PD V801 1 PD V801 1 PD V801 1 PD V801 1 PD SMARTLINK 5 PD SMARTLINK 5 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Battle 2 PD Heavenly/Power 2 PD Heavenly/Mind 2 PD Heavenly/Arms 3 PD Centurion/HP 10 PD or 2 DT Resta LV 30 4 PD Mind Material X19 1 PD for 5 Evade Material X20 1 PD for 5 Def Material X 21 1 PD for 5 Cell of MAG 502 1 PD Cell of MAG 213 1 PD Parts of RoboChao 1 PD Heart of Opa Opa 1 PD Heart of Pian 1 PD Heart of Chao 1 PD Delsaber’s Left Arm x8 1 PD each Sinow Berill’s Arms 1 PD Heart of Angel 1 PD Kit of Hamburger 1 PD Panther’s Spirit 1 PD Kit of MARK3 1 PD Kit of MASTER SYSTEM 1 PD Kit of GENESIS 1 PD Kit of SEGA SATURN 1 PD Kit of DREAMCAST 1 PD Heart of KAPU KAPU 1 PD Psycho Black Crystal 15 DT Tablet 1 PD Heaven Striker Coat x2 1 PD each Pioneer Parts 1 PD Heart of Morolian X2 1 PD each Rappy’s Beak 1 PD
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