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  1. https://imgur.com/a/5XUFiJE

    Got my first Solo Kill on Dark Falz on Ultimate Mode today

    SO HAPPY! :cr-happiness:

    1. Kotta


      Your.... first time? :onion-head81:

    2. Fyrewolf5


      Congratulations! It's definitely not the easiest thing to manage solo. Good Job managing to get past all his hp/resistance/skill/range checks and pull out a win!

  2. Love you, Ultima Community.

  3. So I got this really cool item last night, It's called Proof of Ultima Team It follows a really difficult set of things you have to do, but it's 100% worth getting And I'll detail in this post how I got it: First, you need to be playing on episode 4 on ultimate and be in the subterranean desert You have to have worked a long day and have called the room "relaxation" and be shooting creatures to blow off steam (Zu's work best because they make nice a nice THUNK ) If you do this right and continue to kill creatures underground, eventually 3 player characters will log in

    1. Kotta


      IIIIII Knooooooow...........:onion97:

      You feel uneeeeeasy noooooow....:onion-head29:

      [Better drop my PGF Already! :onion-head28:]

  5. My Spook-diddly-ookiest numberino is the number 34! WOoOoOoOOOOO~
  6. Conquering Ult Towers feels so good~

  7. Do you think medical staff are cleared for ragol transport? Hunters and Soldiers are permitted- I wonder who else can go to ragol freely?
  8. So i got to thinking about Pioneer 2 last night and I wondered: "what would it be like, living aboard Pioneer 2?" If you have any thoughts or notions or preconceptions about what living aboard the ship would be like, feel free to post and discuss it here. Here's my thoughts: Living on the Pioneer 2 would probably feel pretty free yet eerily restrictive. From what the sweets quest says, I guess the dietary restrictions on Pioneer 2 aren't too bad- I'd figure that they'd have a pretty sustainable agriculture dome. (The agricultural dome failing and requiring a part from the t
  9. new Discs for gallon's shop containing the OST of PSO EP3. I would love to be able to hear Nebula Montana PT1 in Jungle.
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