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  1. Starting small but will keep adding on! For now we will do offers, but will add prices with research! Sil Dragon Slayer +35 0/0/40/30/55 Blood Tornado +33 35/0/0/0/30 Vjaya 0/0/0/0/30 Diska of Bravemen 0/35/0/30/40 Diska of Bravemen 0/0/0/40/35 Slicer of Vengeance 0/100/0/0/20 Boomerang 0/0/0/45/35* Silence Claw 15/25/0/0/30 Sacred Bow 0/0/0/40/35* Psycho Wand 0/0/20/0 Chain Sawd 0/0/35/0/40 Caduceus 0/55/0/0/40 Double Cannon 45/0/0/0/35 Red Handgun 0/15/35/0/25 Frozen Shooter 0/25/0/0/30 Red Mechgun 0/45/0/40 Sange & Yasha +30 0/0/0/0/75* Sange 0/35/0/35/30 Mahu 0/0/0/25/40 Flowen's Sword +85(Spirit) 0/30/0/0/30 Demolition Comet 0/35/0/0/35 Rainbow Baton +24 0/0/0/5/50 Lame D'Argent 0/0/5/0/10 Excalibur 0/35/0/20 Mille Faucilles +250 40/0/0/35/55 Vivienne 0/0/0/35/35 Clio 0/0/0/20 Daylight Scar +25 0/15/0/25/35 Ultima Reaper +15 40/0/0/35 Fury of the Beast 50/0/25/0 Agent K Costume From The Depths Three Seals Yata Mirror Tripolic Shield Standstill Shield Kasami Bracer Flowen's Shield Rico's Earring Stink Frame Sense Plate Flowen's Frame Guard Wave DF Field Luminous Field Aura Field Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou Cursed Cloak Select Cloak Alliance Uniform Commander Uniform Vampire Cloak Perfect/Resist HP/Revival TP/Revival Cure/Shock V101 Centurion/Ability Centurion/Power Centurion/Arms Centurion/Mind Centurion/HP Ultima Magi 5/170/25/0 Cell of Mag 502 Cell of Mag 213 Parts of Robochao Heart of Opa Opa Heart of Pian Heart of Chao Dragon's Claw Hildebear's Head Hildeblue's Head Gi Gue's Body Sinow Berill's Arms Heart of Chu Chu Heart of KAPU KAPU Pioneer Parts Rappy's Beak Syncesta Looking for PDs/DTs at the moment. Will update prices and armors soon. Feel free to message me an offer. Thanks! -Millions
  2. vash1717


    Closed for now.
  3. Found, closing down the post!
  4. vash1717


    Bump, I like those reapers I will think on it for a day or two, thanks.
  5. vash1717


    Yeah ultima reaper I have one with 0 hit but would like one with some :D. Thanks for the name I forgot lo
  6. vash1717


    Bump. I am good on Excalibur now ,I could still use a no or low Hit SJS/TJS. Hit Red Scythes would be good too now ! ty to the community been so helpful
  7. vash1717


    Clappy I tried to message you but it said I could not. I would really like one of the cheaper excals and the TJS probably, my discord is Millions#7603 and game name Millions, message me if you can!
  8. vash1717


    Closed. Thanks all!
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