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  1. Go to options and find "game pad button config" then map the controls as you would like them to be via your own configuration.
  2. there's problably an issue with your launcher and resorted to defaults when it loaded
  3. I'll take note of that. That's a new one for me lol but glad to see you're game works now
  4. I agree to everything here other than the first line. Like saber said, other servers that don't have HH have a higher population count than Ultima. However they do compromise with boosts rewarding players from playing certain quests. Evidence is suggesting that HH IS an issue. However, I get what you're saying. Our server has had HH since the start, so since everyone is so used to it, it will be too difficult to adjust to the new rates and then players who play regularly will start dropping. For this reason is why I heavily recommend that the community has to agree on some type of boost option that will work for everyone.
  5. Honestly, when you look at population charts during/and not during events, HH/non-HH. You quickly realize that top population doesn't even draw close off-event compared to on-event in any circumstance. Having 70 peak players like last event and then having 8 players like right now is just massive. When people log on, and see nobody hunting, playing, or anything worth solo-ing/hunting they want to log right off. At least I do most of the time. I feel you shouldn't blanket all drop rates. Like Amaranthe said, make a spreadsheet of what needs adjusting the most, communicate with the whole community. Make a google Excel spreadsheet like IronSheik that presents all the old rates, suggested rates, and new rates and have everyone post on that thread like Sheiks/Amaranthe's event drop threads. A solid point Amaranthe made: You can make quest rotations that forces players to play many different quests that nobody would play normally that includes boosted drop rates on mobs during that quest for a week, or whatever time you suggest. As you play the quest more and more during the boosted period, the drop rate continues to go up to whatever you want to cap at. You could make it a familiar drop rate and boost the cap to 3x and start with maybe 1.5x and have it gradually go up during the boosted period. You can boost 1-3 quests per episode to balance episode choice as well. This mindset allows the community to work for the boosts, which will in turn have players on not just during a set period of time like HH. Instead it promotes hardwork and effort the way this game was originally intended. Also boosting high end vanilla weapons to be comparable with some event drops would also be nice. I don't mean take all vanilla weapons and make them cracked. I'm saying for a handful of hard vanilla drops could use a boost that way people who are nostalgic about old items can still be relevant enough to use during hunts which will gather more nostalgic players as well. Variety would be very nice instead of ONLY using custom meta weapons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sinceramente, cuando miras los gráficos de población durante/y no durante los eventos, HH/no HH. Rápidamente te das cuenta de que la población máxima ni siquiera se acerca fuera del evento en comparación con el evento en cualquier circunstancia. Tener 70 jugadores de pico como en el último evento y luego tener 8 jugadores como ahora es enorme. Cuando la gente se conecta y no ve a nadie cazando, jugando o algo que merezca la pena cazar o cazar en solitario, quiere desconectarse inmediatamente. Al menos yo lo hago la mayoría de las veces. Siento que no debería cubrir todas las tasas de drop. Como Amaranthe dijo, hacer una hoja de cálculo de lo que más necesita ser ajustado, llegar a toda la comunidad. Crea una hoja de cálculo de Google Excel como IronSheik que incluya todas las tarifas antiguas, las sugeridas y las nuevas y haz que todo el mundo publique en ese hilo como los hilos de drop de eventos de Sheiks/Amaranthe. Amaranthe ha hecho un buen comentario: Puedes hacer rotaciones de misiones que obliguen a los jugadores a jugar muchas misiones diferentes que nadie jugaría normalmente y que incluyan tasas de caída aumentadas en los mobs durante esa misión durante una semana, o el tiempo que sugieras. A medida que juegues más y más a la misión durante el periodo de potenciación, la tasa de caída seguirá subiendo hasta el tope que tú quieras. Podrías hacer que el drop rate fuera familiar y subir el tope a 3x y empezar con 1,5x y que fuera subiendo gradualmente durante el periodo de mejora. También puedes aumentar de 1 a 3 misiones por episodio para equilibrar la elección de episodios. Esta forma de pensar permite a la comunidad trabajar para conseguir los aumentos, lo que a su vez hará que los jugadores no sólo participen durante un periodo de tiempo determinado como en HH. En su lugar, promueve el trabajo duro y el esfuerzo de la forma en que este juego fue concebido originalmente. También estaría bien mejorar las armas vainilla de gama alta para que sean comparables con algunos drops de eventos. No me refiero a coger todas las armas vainilla y hacerlas crack. Estoy diciendo que para un puñado de gotas vainilla duros podría utilizar un impulso de esa manera la gente que son nostálgicos de los viejos artículos todavía puede ser lo suficientemente relevante como para utilizar durante las cacerías que reunirá a más jugadores nostálgicos también. La variedad estaría muy bien en lugar de usar SOLO armas personalizadas.
  6. Do you have https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 .NET Framework is a hard requirement if you do not.
  7. If you're interested in starting fresh I can help you out by donating a mag, some hp/pow mats, a few c/arms and some okay weapons to get you started if you'd like
  8. He just means your overall favorite weapon(s). Everything down to the aesthetics. Cause if anything like performance mattered, I'd be SOL with LS lol
  9. Yes, I believe you're right. I'm sorry I read that shit high as hell and totally forgot about that 🤡
  10. So, with how the share drop style works, does it work like this: In a situation where you are logging 4 characters on shared dropstyle does which happen? 1. All 4 characters share the 1/? or 2. Each character rolls 1/? until 1 of the 4 characters hit the roll?
  11. If you want information about the new multi-logging update please check here: Your particular issue has to do with the most recent update, which I cannot find the information on it as after re-reading, that information is not in that post.
  12. Just got home from work. Let me know when you get on, and I got you.
  13. I haven't tried 4k myself, however I have heard that 4k+ resolution causes issues. I play on 2560 x 1440 and it works flawlessly. Try that and go lower if that still doesn't work. Also what do your graphic settings look like?
  14. If you're still looking for a decent spread needle, I'm willing to help you out and trade (Spread Needle [30/0/30/0|40]) for the RR.
  15. That drop down bar has accounts that the client has stored, and has nothing to do with missing options. It is empty because you haven't played and stored an account with the remember password settings. Have you tried the launcher settings? Can you screen shot them if possible?
  16. I have 2 options Spread Needle [30/0/30/0|40] 15 DTS Arrest Needle +60 [0/100/0/100|40] 40 DTS Post 5 DT
  17. Clappy

    Gazzer shop

    I'll take that Banana Cannon and Yas 9k if you still have them
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